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    Pedersoli Brown Bess light rusting

    I use Hoppes #9 as a solvent and WD-40 to displace moisture in distributor caps. After use, I wipe my guns down with a very light coat of 30 wt oil and ATF mixed about 75/25. I use a soft shop towel or an old sock saturated with just enough of my concoction to leave an oil sheen on the metal...
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    It's an addiction, but, a good addiction. Knowledge, guns, tools, cars.
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    Pietta Navy Revolver Cylinder

    Birchwood Perma Blue only needs a hair dryer or heat gun IIRC.
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    Pietta Navy Revolver Cylinder

    Birchwood cold blue perhaps?
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    Electronic Hearing Protection

    I use AXIL gs Extremes in-ear, took a while, and a bunch of trial and error to find the correct foam pieces to fit my ears. Works fine with the BP guns. Great for hunting, never in the way, I can hear the rustling of leaves and other sounds I usually couldn't hear normally (did I mention I'm...
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    Stuck ball, now with drill bit

    Maybe, .......see if Pedersoli can take care of it. You probably aren't the first in that predicament.
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    Traditional ML hunting in CA

    From the CA fish and Foul website: "How will wildlife officers check for compliance? All ammunition in a hunter’s possession may be inspected by wildlife officers. In some cases, if a wildlife officer suspects a hunter is in possession of lead ammunition and cannot prove otherwise in the field...
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    Traditional ML hunting in CA

    I must have missed this. If your rifle can stabilize sabots then the Barnes, Lehigh or pure copper Hornady will do just fine methinks. There are others, but these are the ones I know of. Hard to find right now though.
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    Traditional ML hunting in CA

    I live in Santa Rosa, and have properties in Greenview in Siskiyou county. The wife will never live in Greenwiew, so I travel somewhat. I've hunted on horseback in my younger day the Marbles from the Shackleford TH and hunted west of I-5 clear to Seiad.
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    Traditional ML hunting in CA

    I'm here in Kalifornia. I've had my ammunition checked by fish and FOUL while hunting. All you have to do is give the Revenuer a sample projectile, they will get your name and license # and have it tested. If it is over a certain percentage of lead (I don't remember the % amount) you will be...
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    Rifle will not fire?

    To the OP. Get yerself a can of CRC Freeze Off. Freezes the part to shrink it, breaks the rust, crud, whatever is making it stubborn. Wait a few minutes and try it. Since finding this stuff, the AeroKroil stays on the shelf.
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    Usually, my orders from Midway take a minimum of 5 days, I'm in California. I placed an order on the 19th and it was here today, the 22nd. Perhaps I got lucky? Dunno, but I hope it continues.
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    Can't shoot lead balls all the time - what's better than paper wads?

    Maybe these?