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  1. Britsmoothy

    One Down, Two To Go!

    Good for you sir. I get critters with healed over air gun pellets in them occasionally. May have a picture somewhere....
  2. Britsmoothy

    ? Testing the SkyChief load....

    Friend, I'm getting older, fatter and stiffer. You are is getting harder! ☹️
  3. Britsmoothy

    ? Testing the SkyChief load....

  4. Britsmoothy

    Non-toxic garden defense

    Ok. Peppercorns? Dried peas?
  5. Britsmoothy

    Non-toxic garden defense

    Pounds! How many varmints is there, ain't going to be much vegan friendly food left if your shooting pounds of lead! Besides has anyone had a documented health issue from lead in the garden? I remember breathing in from vehicle tail pipes as a kid, not bothered me yet. You know what, me thinks...
  6. Britsmoothy

    Patch or lube issue

    Man up 😂
  7. Britsmoothy

    Patch or lube issue

    If it still shreds and burns after using a firewall, that barrel is possibly the world's worst I'm sorry to say. I hope I am wrong.
  8. Britsmoothy

    Patch or lube issue

    So did you try a firewall?
  9. Britsmoothy


    If you guys just used boiling water and a Jag you would never have this happen. Stop worrying about cleaning the patent breech. Boiling water does it for you. For goodness sake give me strength !
  10. Britsmoothy

    Patch or lube issue

    This is what I would do and it's quite predictable. I would throw that lubricant in the trash. Melt some bees wax and add olive oil untill I was happy with the set. No beeswax, no problem. Melts some beef fat. No beef fat....ok melt a candle and add olive oil. If I still had a problem with...
  11. Britsmoothy

    Turkey Hunting Week Day 3 Afternoon

    Wow, what a whopper! Well done you 👍 Happy isolation. I'm pinned down and just getting fat 😭.
  12. Britsmoothy

    Flash, no bang

    Oh look.....swabbing again.....well I never 😂
  13. Britsmoothy

    Traditional Javelina Hunt Part 3

    It's easy if you make your bag so the rammer is carried by the bag. You can see it in this video. It's a Delrin rod.
  14. Britsmoothy

    Turkey Hunting Week Day 1

    Excellent 👍
  15. Britsmoothy

    I shot the big barr just not with my smoke pole

    Howie 😁 you really should not be using snow! Snow balls are not very reliable and plus they make your fingers cold. I recommend a bow 👍
  16. Britsmoothy

    ? Testing the SkyChief load....

    :doh:And here was I thinking that oil was supposed to keep stuff apart!
  17. Britsmoothy

    howdy im charlie

    Is it an old dear your looking for 😁
  18. Britsmoothy

    Traditional Javelina Hunt Part 3

    Good for you sparky. You have some great hunts and places of beauty :thumb:. B.
  19. Britsmoothy

    Im an idiot, HELP!

    Yeah, it amazes me how these folks come on with an issue but we never hear of the out come. Maybe it's all a bit overwhelming when the answer is in a can of powder!
  20. Britsmoothy

    Three for two!

    Yes sir, I was and do look for that little piece of coal looking my way in the briars. We have just had more lock down measures announced tonight. It's looking grim. Stay safe.... everyone. B.
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