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    I don't like to use a ball starter.

    Yes, needless worry.
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    Italian Made Guns

    My thoughts were speculation on what may happen. If you look at Cherry's, Flintlocs Etc. and some of the other distributors the last several years, there is normally a comment, "check on availability on many of the M/L's. Some of Pedsersoli's have been difficult to get for quite some time...
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    Italian Made Guns

    Wondering what is going to happen in the future with the cost and availability of Italian made M/L's is going to be. For the most part, all of the M/L's are made in Italy today. There is really no way at this point to speculate what is going to happen with the situation there now. Guess if a...
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    Who said that? Funny clothes???????????????
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    Tape or.....?

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    Free From Your Local Roofer

    My house was built in 2004 and it had 6 lead roof vents and I re-roofed in 2020 because of hail damage. Roofer swapped them for a 6 pack, which we split while visiting.
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    Static and blackpowder.

    Common sense and good knowledge come to the front once more....
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    Dutch Schultz' Accuracy Method

    In all honesty, how does a person count 219 shooters using bb and no wiping while placing 2nd and 3rd in a shoot????? You gotta be one busy person to do all that....................
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    magnum caps with BP, good/bad/no matter?

    Revolvers us #10 caps???? Seems I have a bunch of revolvers and they are "nipple" specific as what caps they want.
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    Cut fingers

    To fall in line, Cutfingers's does quality work, I will not admit to how much of his work I have. Some I keep and some I donate to my club's annual auction, it always goes for more than what I pay for it.
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    Dutch Schultz' Accuracy Method

    "What is everyone's opinion of Dutch Schultz' accuracy method? Where can I get a copy of it?" There is a lot of good information in Dutch's writings, I have a complete copy of it and re-read it periodically. It is not a total panacea, but his writing are not based on internet biased opinions...
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    Free From Your Local Roofer

    I buy mine as mentioned, at the local re-cycle place.
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    Feinwerkbau History No.1

    Barry, thanks for the book information, will have to find them. fdf
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    Sighting in my friends Hawken

    "Shooting my friends rifle that I built for him. Traditions St.Louis Hawken .50cal 1:48 twist. 70gr 3fg Goex, .490 cast ball .020" patch lube with an experimental patch lube, no swabbing. 50 yard 3 shot group. Average velocity of 1,579. Earlier I was trying to shoot for groups with 60gr 3fg...
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    GPR as good as they used to be?

    Grimrod, Where did you read that, will you share it??
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    Static and blackpowder.

    The above from Zonie should be a sticky.
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    Lyman GPR replacement barrel

    I had not thought about that, could be some time as you said and there could be a substantial price increase when they do arrive.
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    Static and blackpowder.

    I was at the Swiss Distributor and the static electricity discussion came up. They poured out a line of Swiss BP and tried get it to light with a stun gun and they could not get it to light. Static electricity is not going to set off BP.
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    Lyman GPR replacement barrel

    Price I quoted is from the Log Cabin Catalog No. 49, not sure when it was published. Might check at Dixon's or Track OF The Wolf to see what they have. Could check on e-bay or gun broker, but I am hesitant buying used.
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    Lyman GPR replacement barrel

    You can buy a new flint lock barrel by Lyman from Log Cabin with a 1 in 60 twist for $ 299.95 or you could have re-bored by Mr. Hoyt to a larger size. Going larger will increase the recoil though and for off hand shooting that might not be what you want.
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