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    Non-toxic garden defense

    Rock salt, the legendary favorite, rarely survives the trip down the barrel. Are you looking for non-toxic, or non-lethal?
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    March 2020 postal match Shooting for the stars!

    My club in upstate NY (Lake George area) is closed for the duration. So sad. ADK Bigfoot
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    who all likes the carbines?

    I shot N-SSA for twelve years. Very competitive with the 2-band Parker Hale Enfield and Remington 1858. But a recent review of my medals shows that I Won more medals with my Parker Hale Enfield Muskettoon than any other gun I shot. The short barrel was no handicap over the 2-bander.
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    Easy to Make Target Board

    Carbon 6: What about your second shot? LOL ADK Bigfoot
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    What I do during "Lockdown".

    Nice work. I am casting round balls every day; with my two shooting groups on stand-down for the duration, I am using the time to "stock up" on balls, cutting patches, and organizing my shooting boxes. With a .32, .36, .40, .45, three .50's, two .54's, a .58 and three .62's, I can cast all I...
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    Kibler 50 cal colonial

    Not shooting a beautiful rifle is like not kissing a beautiful woman! I never saw a rifle too pretty to shoot nor a woman too pretty to kiss. ADK Bigfoot
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    SOLD .58 Zouave with extra barrels

    What are the other barrels marked? Bore condition?
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    new england colonial trade and craft fair 2020

    If any of them are lefties, contact me! I wanted to go, too. ADK Bigfoot
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    Does anyone harvest and knapp their own flint?

    Rich: Your "white" gun flints were a great treasure. I still have my last few. They were as "sparky" as any one else's. Your services are missed. ADK Bigfoot
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    South African Black powder hunter

    Welkom by ons huis. ADK Bigfoot
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    Casting round balls, thermometer needed?

    +1 for Grizz. That is how I do it. Keep the temperature constant, no issues. ADK Bigfoot
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    Casting round balls, thermometer needed?

    In years of casting 5,000 hollow based conicals (minies), I found that the lead temperature has some variable and still casts well; the temperature of the MOLD is critical. Pinholes, voids, and uneven bases were more related to the MOLD temperature than the alloy (pure lead) temperature. Keep...
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    Hello from NYS

    Greetings from the Lake George area. ADK Bigfoot
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    Cut fingers

    +1 on Cutfingers. Always produces good products are great prices and his service is excellent. Highly recommend. ADK Bigfoot
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    new england colonial trade and craft fair 2020

    This was a nice event in 2019. Planning to go again this year. Some builders, artisans, and crafters all in attendance. Put it on you calendars. Portsmouth, NH. March 28-29 ADK Bigfoot
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    First sighting

    When hunting in Colorado, we were advised not to shoot porkies for the reason stated above. A lost man can catch and eat a porcupine and little else. We were told that was a hunting regulation, not just a wive's tale. ADK Bigfoot
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    SOLD 1861 Enfield Musketoon

    PM Sent ADK Bigfoot
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    Best Way To Clean Up Cast Brass

    Neve-Dull polishing wadding. ADK Bigfoot
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    I have one of these, and it never fails to get attention at events. Nice piece. ADK Bigfoot
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