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  1. Grumpa

    NC Army Veteran: Green as Green Can be.

    Welcome! We are glad you foiund us, and, you have come to the right place. Richard/Grumpa
  2. Grumpa

    Just in:

    Took me until tonight to get to this thread. Wife and I had corned beef and cabbage (traditional Irish-American meal) with soda bread and Guinness Foreign Export for St. Patrick's Day. We ate it without the Daughters and Granddaughters being with us...can't "social distance" at the dinner table...
  3. Grumpa

    First Flintlock

    That bit of knowledge will come in handy when you dry ball - i.e. ram the ball home after you've forgotten to pour powder down the bore. We've all done that, some of us more than once. Richard/Grumpa
  4. Grumpa

    introduce myself

    Welcome to the Forum. Richard/Grumpa
  5. Grumpa

    Software upgrade coming today or tomorrow

    "What's New" at top left brings up all the latest posts. Just took a little exploring on my part, and that way they don't interfere with the full screen view of the Forum. Quickly getting used to the changes...and doing the avatar was easy as pie...took less than a minute, including finding the...
  6. Grumpa

    Software upgrade coming today or tomorrow

    PS: That's my "new" Avatar. Picture's about 7 years old. I'm the one on the left. The other guy is my namesake, sort of. Richard/Grumpa
  7. Grumpa

    Software upgrade coming today or tomorrow

    Opted out of sidebar and lost the annoying half-screen showing new posts. Now have the full screen Forum back, but "New Posts" is lost (it used to appear at the bottom). But I prefer the full screen, so I'm happy. The type is harder to read - the letters seem "thinner" and do not contrast as...
  8. Grumpa


    Welcome to the Forum, we are glad you found us. Sounds like you will fit right in, and we look forward to your participation. Richard/Grumpa
  9. Grumpa

    Black powder bear questions

    Lewis and Clark expedition had a lot of difficulty trying to drop Grizzlies with their .54 caliber rifles. You may be calling black bears, but guess who's going to come knocking? Seems to me that, as an "inexperienced bear hunter", you are setting yourself up in a situation that might preclude...
  10. Grumpa

    Chain Fire Workaround: Skip Every Other Chamber?

    You are just wasting chambers. If the balls fit (full circle lead ring cut when seating the ball), and the caps aren't loose, you won't have a chainfire. Richard/Grumpa
  11. Grumpa

    Washington on the history channel

    Saw the first installment tonight. One scene showed an attacking Indian cocking what looked like a percussion hammer. I'm withholding judgement until I've seen the whole thing. Richard/Grumpa
  12. Grumpa

    I apologize and wish to return !!

    Redstick Lee, if your attitude was terrible, you have done an impressive job of adjusting it. We are glad to have you back! And, just for the record, the other guy that some of you are referring to...I would welcome him back, also. Yeah, he could irritate the H3ll out of me, too, but I also...
  13. Grumpa

    Swivel barrel .58 caliber

    Are both barrels rifled? Richard/Grumpa
  14. Grumpa

    Unique Cases- musket case

    I thank you. Richard/Grumpa
  15. Grumpa

    Unique Cases- musket case

    Do they have a website? Richard/Grumpa
  16. Grumpa

    Hello! Black powder shooter for years, new to the forum

    Welcome to the Forum! Richard/Grumpa
  17. Grumpa

    Pre 1840 fiddle tunes

    jd411111 - Sorry for the late response, I have been very busy, and just got into this thread Here is a (partial) list of tunes, French & Indian War period or earlier, that I got up for a performance at Fort Pitt,( on the re-opening of the Blockhouse, after the roof had been restored ) by my...
  18. Grumpa

    Hallo from South Africa

    Welcome to the Forum! We look forward to learning more about you, and your interests. Richard/Grumpa
  19. Grumpa

    Which powders for revolvers?

    For years. that's all I used in my Uberti Navy Colt (because that's what I had for my flintlocks). I just about filled the chamber, then rammed a .380 round ball over it and banged away. Most satisfying. Once in a while I would use a little less powder so I could fit a lubed wad between it and...
  20. Grumpa

    Your period outfit (clothing) pictures

    Walk, you and the Better look just fine! Richard/Grumpa
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