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  1. smo

    Making Pre-Cut Patches?

    Well Guys, while reading all 112 Post I’ve managed to gnaw out 1654 patches with my teeth.... Oh! I saved the strings too, I’m gonna’ pull em’ thru bees wax and make HC/PC dental floss.. Now that’s what I call savings! EAFJ Early April Fools Joke .. lol
  2. smo

    My Remington ML Cap Lock Half-stock Rifle – A Brief History

    Congrats , great find and great story!
  3. smo

    Bullet trap/backstop

    I’ve got a couple old tractor tires stacked on top of each other that I plan to fill with sand ASAP. Car tires would be easier to handle, but with kids shooting too... I chose to go with the tractor tires. I inherited them when I bought my homestead anyway.. Right now I’m just shooting...
  4. smo

    howdy im charlie

    The one I had liked 65-70 grns of fffg and a .530 roundball. I used blue stripe pillow ticking for patches (.018) Welcome too the Forum!
  5. smo

    Goodies , I like to own

    Well done!
  6. smo

    Show us your range box!

    Very well done!
  7. smo

    High prices of gun parts

    Supply & Demand.. If you’re gonna’ play , you gotta’ pay.
  8. smo

    Quick buckskin leggings question

    CAD drawings... lol
  9. smo

    Ready for a virtual ‘voo?

    I hit a dry voo every once & awhile, just too make sure I can still build a fire with dry wood!
  10. smo

    Ready for a virtual ‘voo?

    Another wet one... In N. Ms. Plan B A man always needs a back up plan.... Grizz, I had a horse once, dirtiest animal this side of hell !
  11. smo

    Ready for a virtual ‘voo?

    My Wife and I have been in solitary confinement for days now.... If it’ll just stop raining I’ll do some shooting! At the house of course.
  12. smo

    Just in:

    Sounds like Miami... several have been arrested in that region doing the same thing with horses. Only being it was sold in the black market or underground so too speak.
  13. smo

    Ready for a virtual ‘voo?

    Here ya’ go Tenngun! Not in my yard, but at my home Clubs Freeze ur Rear End Off event back in Jan. Others in attendance... lol Actually we had a couple more Guys show up and camp , then a few more showed up too shoot. Cold & wet just like we like it.... cuts down on the
  14. smo

    Round ball knurling

    I’ve knurled and dimppled them. Two rasp for knurling and a plastic coffee can for dimpling.. It only takes a minute or two of shaking and your done. This was done for shooting a bare ball out of my smooth bore. Rock tumblers work well I’m told too.
  15. smo

    Premade shot cups/cartridges, how to.

    This is 2 oz of #6 compared to 2 ozs of BB’s. Lead vs Steel but shown for comparison.. I took these pics around 3 years ago when I was “experimenting” with paper shot cartridges. My findings were they weren’t reliable due too “slugging”, this was using brown paper bags . Others mileage may...
  16. smo

    Just in:

    That reminds me of “Three Dog Night” ! ApPETizer -Chihuahua Salsa & Chips. Main Course- New Yorkie Strips with French (bull dog) Fries! Lol
  17. smo

    Show me your turkeys

    Congrats l! Great pics Brad
  18. smo

    Premade shot cups/cartridges, how to.

    BN, I should have not said “weigh >” My thinking was the larger shot would take up more room in the volume measure thus creating air space where as the smaller shot would pack closer together. By weight they would be the same, not so sure about by volume. Does 70 grns of fg by volume measure...
  19. smo

    flint and steel firemaking

    You Guys aren’t just blowin’ smoke!
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