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  1. MDHunter

    Pedersoli 12 gauge chokes

    Hello Are the screw in chokes really with the hassle they seem to give people when loading? Limiting them it seems to mainly felt wads? I have no first hand experience with them only what I’ve read. I’d like to use it for rabbit and turkey and have no problems limiting my range because of a...
  2. MDHunter

    .32 Crockett hammer issues

    Hey guys my .32 Crockett won’t always fire when I set the rear trigger. It will just fall to half cock. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Anything I can do to fix this or do I need to have it looked at ?
  3. MDHunter

    Alternate Hawken options

    Hello everyone I've been viewing this forum for a long time finally decided to join today with this question. I have a Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken in 54 caliber. It has a 34 inch barrel and weighs roughly 10 lb. It shoots the Hornady Great Plains conical bullets extremely well as well as...