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  1. gvandersluis

    Why is this 32 crockett so difficult to clean?

    The end of my range rod has a flat slightly concave end, great for ramming a patched ball the tip on my ramrod is slightly rounded. Both will grab and hold a cleaning patch but the edges of the range rod if I use it with a cleaning patch will jam in the bottom half inch of the breech and is very...
  2. gvandersluis

    I finally own a Whitworth

    I am concerned, I remove the “clean out” screw each time I clean my TC Seneca and patriot and really want some hard info as to whether I should or shouldn’t do this. Can anyone point to some authorities information or a link Gary
  3. gvandersluis

    Any Aussies into casting bullets

    Just target. I shoot a Thompson Centre .36 cal Seneca in precision events at Tuggerah Lakes Pistol Club. ML’s are the only rifles that may be shot at the club. We shoot at the standard 25yd pistol target. I also shoot my TC patriot in .45 cal and my Le Page .31 cal pistols there in...
  4. gvandersluis

    Any Aussies into casting bullets

    Gosford,on the Central Coast of NSW and you?.
  5. gvandersluis

    Any Aussies into casting bullets

    Yup, I cast round ball in 301, 308 and 310 cal and bullets for my 45 cal bp Cartridge rifles in 458 cal. I do it in my back yard using gas and casting pot and shroud made by Northern Smelters in Qld. Pure lead for the RB and 20-1 tin for the bullets.. Gary
  6. gvandersluis

    Desirable T/C Models

    For me it’s my Seneca .36 for which after 3 years I found a .45 barrel also have the NOS peep sight and Seneca tool still in their wrapping. Also a patriot in .45. I would like to find a patriot in .36 but they are rarer than Alligator fur in these parts.
  7. gvandersluis

    G'day from down under

    Hi Cliff, I’m from Gosford, which range do you shoot black powder at Gary
  8. gvandersluis

    Thompson Cherokee Confusion

    Way too many cheap and nasty BP guns are available here but good quality guns fetch a premium, case in point, when available TC patriots regularly fetch over $1000, the trouble is finding them. What? were Maori muskets doing in Perth?
  9. gvandersluis

    Thompson Cherokee Confusion

    Congratulations, you have/ had a TC Seneca in what appears to be very good condition. As stated probably in .45 with a .32 Cherokee barrel both should shoot very well. I absolutely love my .36 Seneca also with a spare .45 barrel it’s a tack driver I think you sold it way to cheap. I value my set...
  10. gvandersluis

    Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. Announces Intent to Divest Thompson/Center Arms™ Brand

    Oh and while their about it the Patriot pistol as well
  11. gvandersluis

    Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. Announces Intent to Divest Thompson/Center Arms™ Brand

    The TC Seneca was imho the best ML rifle ever made. I will never sell mine. Judging what I read about the numbers of people wanting one and unable to find one a company reproducing them again ought to do well. Come on Pedersoli!!
  12. gvandersluis

    Advise on sights needed.

    I agree with Grimord, a Marbles or Lyman peep sight works well with old eyes. I have a TC Seneca with .36 and .45 barrels and the optional TC tang sight which greatly lengthens the sight radius and improves results
  13. gvandersluis

    Palmetto Revolver

    Big difference between the brass frame and the steel frame. I use 30gr of 3fg in my Ruger Old Army but I wouldn’t even consider using that much in a brass framed gun.
  14. gvandersluis

    Palmetto Revolver

    When thinking of Dixie Palmettos the words cheap and nasty come to mind. It might work as a shooter but if you do, use a light load 13 to 15 gr of 3fg otherwise think of it as a decorateitem
  15. gvandersluis

    Ruger Old Army

    I can’t quite figure out how the two pieces work. I guess my question should have been. Does leaving the locking cam unlocked whilst firing present a hazard
  16. gvandersluis

    Ruger Old Army

    I shoot my ROA frequently, I only load with an seperate cylinder loading press and I have replaced the base pin rammer assembly with a seperate base pin. My standard target load is 30gr of fff and I rarely lock the base pin which only occasionally moves forward when fired. I would appreciate...
  17. gvandersluis

    How long do you spend cleaning your long rifle after an outing at the range

    Half an hour for my TC Seneca and my single shot pistols and an hour for my Ruger old army
  18. gvandersluis

    Target Pistol

    I have a Bondini Le page in .31 cal made in Italy in the early 1970s Bondini business was bought by Chiapas in 1974 and they continue to make them today in .45 cal. Pictures available at Chiapas website. lMHO a much nicer pistol than the Pedersoli, particularly the fluted grips
  19. gvandersluis

    Roof lead

    My builder son has provided me with large quantities of salvaged lead roof flashing. The condition varies from nearly clean to horrible, lots and lots of skimming and I end up with very nice lead ingots from a Lyman mold as I am mostly casting 20 to 1 lead tin mix for bpcr bullets. I also use...