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    Identify this mould?

    Along with my Whitworth was included some miscellaneous accessories, including 1 of these hexagonal bullets with a cupped base. It measures .441 flat to flat, .466 corner to corner and the bottom cup is .143 deep. I expect it was intended for paper patching because it would probably fall down a...
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    Fire swaging a cylindrical into a hexagonal

    Hello all. I have another question regarding loading a Whitworth. It is well demonstrated that a cylindrical bullet be obturated into a hexagon by the energy of the exploding powder. But….does this require a cupped or hollow base or does it still work with a flat bottomed projectile? Regards
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    I finally own a Whitworth

    Today I bought a Parker Hale Whitworth rifle, serial number 191. Thrown in with the deal was about 300 cylindrical projectiles, a sizing tool, a couple of hundred musket caps, hex wad cutter, a big bunch of cork wads, a short starter and a range rod with a brass hexagonal tip. I’ve got a lot of...
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    Recommendations for target sights for Parker-Hale Whitworth

    Hello and I hope everyone is doing well. I‘m about to finalise the purchase of a PH Whitworth. It only has the original sights. I intend to learn how to shoot at longer ranges with it and eventually compete. So target sights are required. And since I don’t know much about them, the choices...
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    Why aren’t handles included with some bullet moulds?

    Whenever I check out bullet moulds, quite often only the block is sold, with handles extra. Why in the world wouldn’t handles be included? It’s kind of like selling a car without tires.
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    Anyone ever experienced burning embers in your barrel after a shot?

    Has anyone ever had an accident or seen an accident due to burning embers after a shot? (Excluding cannons) Personally I’ve been shooting side lock muzzleloaders, flint and cap, for 40 years and have never experienced it or seen or heard of anyone else having experience of it. I am not deriding...
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    Are Navy Arms revolvers rebranded? What about Euroarms? Western Arms?

    Hello everyone from freezing Queensland Australia. Yesterday it was a high temperature of 15c! (60 Fahrenheit) Anyway, I’ve come across a Navy Arms 1861 Navy model .36 In excellent condition. The asking price is quite reasonable but I’m curious about the availability of parts and pieces. Also...
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    Bremera Firearms?

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well. This long range muzzleloader caught my eye: 451 Muzzle loading long range rifle I can’t find anything about the maker/manufacturer.
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    Questions for Whitworth and Volunteer owners

    Hello and I hope everyone is well. I‘d like to ask some questions about the ’operational practicalities’ of using a whitworth rifle. I’ve gathered sufficlient funds to buy a new Pedersoli Whitworth. But before handing over that amount of dosh, I’d like to hear from other owners about what it...
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    Do I just have a “short-range” rifle?

    Hello all. I have a 1976 Pedersoli Plainsman caplock .45 that has been looked after by previous owner(s). The bore is shiny and the riflings all appear in good nik, even though they appear to be cut shallow. Recovered patches show no tears or ragged spots. My frustration with it comes from not...
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    Practical and potential accuracy of Parker Hale 1853 Enfield

    Hello and I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve read lots of posts here about the superb quality of the PH Enfield, however does anyone know about their accuracy? The rifled musket was a battle rifle designed to hit a man-sized target from distance, however that’s not to say they grouped very...
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    Powder flask repair?

    Hello all, hope everyone is doing well. I’m unsure of the proper forum place to post this question. I’m attaching a picture of a brass powder flask that has come apart at the seam and spills precious and expensive blackpowder. I did a field expedient repair with some packing tape but need to...
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    How to pattern a cylinder bore shotgun?

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well. There is so much wonderful information on this forum that it can be hard to wade through. Pardon me if this is an already answered question. I’ve got a 12g Pedersoli sxs made in 1985, both barrels are cylinder bored. I just shoot clays using #7.5 and #8...
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    How is a caliber size made “official “

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well and being good to each other. This is an academic question, nothing profound here. But maybe someone can clarify how caliber sizes become official? Some makers use the bore size but measure between the grooves or measure between the lands. Some use the size...
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    Dirt-cheap felt cushion wads

    Hello, hope everyone is well. In Australia, the availability of black powder shooting supplies can be hard to find and sometimes rather pricey. In my cylinder bore 12g shotty I use adhesive furniture anti-scuff felt pads as a combination overpowder/cushion wads. These are the kind you stick...
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    Refreshing rifling with simple tools and few skills?

    My rifle (a 1976 Pedersoli Plainsman .45) has very shallow rifling and I would like to deepen it or at least refresh it. I’ve enquired with several barrel manufacturers in Australia but they all say they don’t do that kind of work including reboring and re-rifling. So my options are to try to do...
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    Hi from Queensland via Idaho

    Hi. New member here. I’m a life long black powder lover, Traditional sidelocks only. I’m from Queensland Australia though I immigrated here from Idaho back in the 90s. Looking forward to some good reading.