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    WANTED .54 Hornady Great Plains 425 Grain Bullets

    I recently purchased a .54 Hawken from Cowboy and would like to try the Hornady Great Plains bullet. If you have some for sale please contact me. Also, I have some .530 moose leather wads as a possible trade. Thanks
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    FOR SALE .530 Leather Wads

    For sale or Trade: .530 moose leather wads. I purchased a punch from Ohio Ramrod for a .50 caliber Hawken. I have more split moosehide leather scraps and would be happy to make some for others. If you're interested, PM me. Let's come up with a fun trade. Thanks
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    Kibler Hawken?

    I just spoke with Jim Kibler about the possibility of offering a Hawken rifle kit - as there is so much interest in this rifle in the muzzleloading community. As you are aware, he presently offers two styles - Colonial Rifle and Southern Mountain Rifle - and is working on a fowler (smoothbore)...
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    SOLD Thompson Center Hawken 50 Caliber Kit - Circa 70's

    Selling a Thompson Center Hawken 50 Caliber Percussion Rifle Kit - from the 70's. Kit is in like new condition with all parts in factory packaging and instructions. Beautiful walnut stock. I built an identical rifle in 1979 which I cherish. $600 plus shipping OBO.
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    T/C Hawken - To Build or Not To Build

    Fairly new to the forum and I've learned so much in a short period of time...thank you. I built a TC Hawken 50 caliber percussion 41 years ago and loved both the process and the completed rifle (which I cherish). I would like to get back into muzzleloading and I recently came across another...
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    Help....Fiber Optic Sight for 1980 TC Hawken 50 Caliber Rifle?

    Hello from Northern Minnesota, I built a TC Hawken 50 caliber percussion rifle kit 41 years ago and just recently purchased a similar vintage kit to build this winter (model 5113). On my original rifle I installed Thompson Center fiber optic sights - as a help to my aging eyes. I'm looking...