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  1. Blake Marsters

    I'm going to get a flintlock but what Caliber?

    I have two 54 caliber Lyman GPR but I want a Trade gun 62 caliber I will use it as my shotgun.
  2. Blake Marsters

    Well, she's finished!

    Very nicely done !
  3. Blake Marsters

    My first Flintlock?

    Track of the Wolf
  4. Blake Marsters

    My first Flintlock?

    They all kinds of cleaning accessories
  5. Blake Marsters

    First time out with .32 caliber.

    Beautiful and deadly!
  6. Blake Marsters

    Ruger Old Army

    Thank you all for the help!
  7. Blake Marsters

    Ruger Old Army

    Thank you TFoey!
  8. Blake Marsters

    Ruger Old Army

    My brother picked up a Ruger old army from a friend of ours , I remember it was bought back in the early 90ty . I thought it was a 44 Cal from what I read it is 44cal or 45cal there are marking on the gun stating what caliber it is and everything I have read say it should be loaded with 45cal...
  9. Blake Marsters

    Replace Lock GPR

    Thank you
  10. Blake Marsters

    Replace Lock GPR

    No problem I like the rain guard on the L&R
  11. Blake Marsters

    Replace Lock GPR

    I know this question has been asked before I want to replace my lock on my GPR flint lock with a L&R is there a video or a tectorial out there ?
  12. Blake Marsters

    lowest powder charge for elk

    I would use the load that groups the best.
  13. Blake Marsters

    Is the 36 caliber becomming extinct?

    I have a 36cal made by Tradition I love it one of my favorite muzzle loaders it shoot both round ball and mini maxi accurately.
  14. Blake Marsters

    Hang fire

    I like the CCI Magnom caps I can't say it's because of hang fires but I can't remember when I last had one I also shoot Tripel 777 powder.
  15. Blake Marsters

    Lyman great plains barrel.

    Yep, one of my favorite love shooting those big conicals.
  16. Blake Marsters

    What patch lube should I use for my patches?

    I like Mink Tallow or Beef Tallow. I want to try Lamb tallow and bees wax.
  17. Blake Marsters

    Crockett Loads?

    I know that you ask about load for your Crockett I shoot a Traditions Shenandoah 36 Cal my load is 30gr of 2F T777 and a 128gr Maxi-ball I can hit a 16oz water bottle every time at 80 yards. I also shoot a Hornady .350 round ball with a .015 patch and this load is just as deadly as my Maxi-ball...
  18. Blake Marsters


    I have 4 Lyman's two Flintlock's GPR and one Great Plains Hunter and one Pistol all 54 Cal. I love them great guns.
  19. Blake Marsters

    squib loads for woodchucks

    You can always get a 32 or 36 Cal.