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    SOLD 5 feet of woven tape sash, garters, strap, ties

    this is a 5 foot length of one inch wide hand woven 100% cotton tape. red and white with a small black stripe. it can be cut to any length to make a pair of leg garters, or a powder horn strap or a narrow sash/tie. many uses. made on a tape loom featuring a slightly less that perfect hand made...
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    SOLD powder horn strap

    for sale hand woven powder horn strap, or what ever use you need a nice strap for. the weave is hand made from 100% cotton 37" long plus the thongs, so a total of 4 foot it is 1" wide, double black and white check pattern with 2 red stripes the leather ends are dyed chocolate brown and sewn with...
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    SP shooting

    i was out today at the range to show the young lads wat shootin is all about. accually i was the youngest there, and if the walkingeagle had been there he would have been the one showing the boys how to shoot. it was a nice sunny day and the gun made smoke from both ends. a good day. ou
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    smooth bore belt pouch

    I just finished up a new belt pouch to go with my new fowler. thick deer hide leather dyed chocolate brown. it has a 1 1/4" gusset so it can expand and hold more it has 3 little inside pockets for wads, patches and tools. a nice pewter button some real nice decorative tape. and is all hand sewn ou
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    sherwood park trail

    rumor has it that sherwood park black powder shooting trail is going to be reopened. its waiting for inspection, rumor has it. no word yet when. no word yet if there will be a shoot. we are hoping soon. tired of shooting on the range ou
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    all sorts of weaving, was an important part of the 18th century culture. i never gave a lot of thought to the making and use of the woven products until the discussions in the thread posted by NW Territory Woodsman. i thought i better at least try to make a band or tape to see what is...
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    smooth bore day

    walkingeagle and i were out to the range yesterday. shot at some flying clay targets, stationary clays, and then some targets with round ball shooting. nice warm day, it was real good. ou
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    scratch repair question

    i just finished my new gun, or so i thought, i slipped and created a scratch in the finish rite down to the aqua fortis. i thought i could fill it with true oil and polish it flat but it is too deep. question if i sand it back beyond the scratch. feathering it out into the surrounding true oil...
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    NW Settlers Fowler

    this is my new gun, so i can teach walking eagle how to shoot shotgun. 😹. not many as good as WE so that aint happening. i call it a "North West Settler's Fowler". plain jane smooth bore. i built this from track of the wolf parts that they had in stock so it was a bit of mix and match. they...
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    this is what happens when you sew your socks to your wesket

    wool knit shocks turned into sleeves. ou tom
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    bird shot pouch

    here is my new bird shot pouch that i just made for my new gun. -pig leather -dear antler spout and stopper -elk leather thongs -artificial linen thread ;) -Fiebing,s leather dye it holds about 1lb of bird shot. ou tom
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    the ramrod for my new gun most of you have done this but i thought i would show my mornings work. i fabricated both of the ends, threaded the back ramrod tip for a worm or jag, turned the wood and then pinned them on. the distance between the barrel and ramrod channels is real tight at the...
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    side plate

    ordering something to fit was more dificult than making one. -1/8" flat plate. -paint pen the area, red is what i had, to use as sort of glue. (because it sticks good and dries quick). -stick the template to it. (a resized image from mr google) -hacksaw and file it out. -drill it -countersink it...
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    help to identify proof marks.

    i wonder if any one can tell me what country and/or time frame this proof mark is from? on the barrel is #26 , a crown over 2 feathers surrounded by + signs. the breach plug is stamped with "D D" thank you ou tom
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    trigger anti rattle question

    i am putting together a flintlock fowler. it has a single trigger that is hinged/pinned through the stock. in the three positions of the tumbler, at rest, 1/2 cock and full cock the height of the sear is different, when at 1/2cock the sear is at its lowest point, full cock it is at its highest...
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    smooth bore ?

    i am wondering if anyone can identify this pistol. thanks tom
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    gun kit from USA

    i ordered gun parts from TOW, enough stuff to build a flintlock long gun, it came through customs with just a GST charge and a canada post $10 brokerage fee. when you order a full length stock from TOW they charge you $163 usd to ship. so fill up the order to make it worth while. i guess its...
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    butt plate tang / return question?

    good morning. i have a question re butt plate attachment. i have a TOW fowler style butt plate, iron, the TOW plate does not have the lug on the tang that secures the front of the return to the stock. i don't really want to use the MIG to weld one on, but it may be the only way. I don't...
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    pocket pistol - only bigger

    i had the end off of a 45 cal rifle barrel (quick twist) and a pc of walnut. i built a pistol. i tried to copy it from a picture of an original pocket pistol. the original is smaller. i built the thimble, modified the barrel and built the stock from a pc of walnut. the lock is john bailes L&R...
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    CLOSED wool socks

    wtb hand knitted heavy wool knee height socks dark grey preferably. size 10 aprox. would need to be shipped to canada. thanks ou