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  1. Blake Marsters

    Ruger Old Army

    My brother picked up a Ruger old army from a friend of ours , I remember it was bought back in the early 90ty . I thought it was a 44 Cal from what I read it is 44cal or 45cal there are marking on the gun stating what caliber it is and everything I have read say it should be loaded with 45cal...
  2. Blake Marsters

    Replace Lock GPR

    I know this question has been asked before I want to replace my lock on my GPR flint lock with a L&R is there a video or a tectorial out there ?
  3. Blake Marsters

    Help with GPR Flintlock.

    I am new to shooting a Flintlock I have shot a lot of percussion muzzleloaders. I just build a GPR and shot it yesterday and had some miss fires so I change out the flint that came with my GPR kit that help. I might be over thinking things here I read here that the torch hole might be too small...