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    What To Do

    Folks, I recently purchased a nice looking CVA 50 cal Hawken rifle. According to the date, it was made in 1999. What is bothering me is right beside the word "Hawken" it was stamped "second". I know that there was a recall on some CVA rifles due to the barrels being bad. I have not looked on...
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    Lucky Find Today

    I was at the local flea market today and stumbled across a set of carving chisels that someone was selling as a last minute sale before going home. I looked at them and almost passed them up. They all looked old, the handles seldom matched, but they were all sharp and I could tell that whoever...
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    Need Powder advice

    I recently saw some Graf brand black powder for sale and was wondering if anyone had any comments on its performance, whether good or bad. Graf and sons are out of Goex right now and I thought about giving the Graf a try. But I don't want four pounds (minimum) of it if it is not good. Thanks...
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    But Mom, It wasn't Me

    I remember as a kid, my buddy and I took my .45 cal. rifle to the woods to target practice. He was new to black powder and we had a grand time shooting and learning just how accurate we could both shoot. Well at the end of the day ,we went to his house and his mom had supper ready. We both sat...
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    Breechplug woes

    I have a problem that I need your input on. I am a maintenance mechanic/metalworker and I thought I'd nearly seen it all. I got a great deal on a .58 cal. reproduction Zuave from a co-worker and brought it home only to find that it had some neglect problems. The nipple was frozen in place so I...
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    Inletting black

    Does anyone have a good recipe for inletting black? I forgot to order some and need it sooner than I can get up another list of things I need. I already heard the one about lipstick and nobody here uses it. I also heard that lampblack and shoe polish may be good. Or a sooty candle flame. But I...
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    Tell me about Jukar

    Several months ago I ran across a used .45 rifle barrel at a flea market. It was a percussion barrel and it sparked my interest as a future project so I brought it home. Upon closer inspection I saw the name "Jukar" and "Spain" stamped on the barrel. The rifling is in excellent shape and the...
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    All Choked Up

    Hey To All, I am a newcomer to the forum and have been reading the topics and solutions offered and I realized that I was no longer alone in this fascination with the muzzleloading world. I have suffered in silence for a long while as there is no one around here who really is interested in it as...