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  1. 11th corps

    Round ball mold by T/C

    Were these made by Lyman? Or did T/C actually manufacture them?
  2. 11th corps

    Late May

    Means it's time for the annual open the pool at 11th corps house. Which means at least 12 gallon jugs of shock, now empty, filled with water and ready for target practice. So out to the range I go I have a "kit" gun, made by my Dad many years ago. These kits were sold at places like K Mart...
  3. 11th corps

    Pedersoli Harpers Ferry 1805

    I am looking at one of these in kit form. They are available in cap or flint. I own several cap handguns, but particularly like the stock/grip shape of these and I do like smoothbore and it looks like the cap is smooth while the flint is rifled. I have read negative stories on Pedersoli's...
  4. 11th corps

    Old can of Pyrodex

    This opened can of pyrodex has been sitting on my shelf for many years. In a controlled environment. It is about 2/3 full. How can you tell if its safe to shoot or not. Odor? Color? It has been sealed up with the original Plastic lid on the opening.
  5. 11th corps

    Beautiful day at the range

    Two cap guns, both in .45 caliber. One of these is a CVA, I suspect the other was one of the kits once sold at places like K Mart for less then $30. Both were owned by my Dad, long gone. I had not fired either in years, wasn't sure they would even ignite caps. the top pistol is the CVA. It...
  6. 11th corps

    Boot pistol

    Mrs 11th corps bought me the grip and screw for this boot pistol this year for Christmas. I have owned the barrel etc for a number of years, it belonged to my Dad. I had never fired it- not sure if he ever did. It has no markings on the barrel. I found a box of .315 round balls at my lgs. I...
  7. 11th corps

    Trade Gun shot gun loads

    I built my T.O.W. trade gun more then 15 years ago, but have always shot solid ball from it. Today I decided it was time to try a shot gun load. I shot both #8 pellets and #5. # 8 on the target at 20 yards. Seems like a decent pattern. When I loaded #5 shot with the same powder charge-70...
  8. 11th corps

    Shooting at indoor ranges

    I am a member of a Conservation Club and shoot outdoors year around. However when the weather here in Indiana is particularly nasty-think winter-I put my blackpowder guns up and just shoot the other kind. Do any of you shoot at public indoor ranges that allow blackpowder?
  9. 11th corps

    Underhammer pistol

    I have had this several years. iirc it had a pistol grip on it at one time, but I can't locate it. The barrel/gun belonged to my Dad. He had several inexpensive kits he put together. They came from K Mart, probably in the 1970's, this might have been one of them. I would like to get this...
  10. 11th corps

    Bad idea, but it turned out ok.

    A little target practice at my local gun range with my T/C .45 percussion Hawken. It was a beautiful morning, temps in the 60's and sunshine. After a couple of shots I started another ball down the barrel with my short starter. I pushed it down to the muzzle end and the couldn't get it out...
  11. 11th corps

    Lyman mold

    I mentioned in another thread that I ran across a box of lead, a small lee casting pot and one bullet mold while cleaning out the garage of a family member. The box has been in the garage at least 35 years. The mold in the box appears to be a Lyman, however it is not marked as such. It has MA...
  12. 11th corps

    Unidentified Lead

    Cleaning out the garage of a relative, I found a small Lee Lead Pot, a single cavity mold for a .45 caliber maxi ball and a muffin tin with 6 ingots of lead. The man who owned this equipment has long since gone to his reward. I have been a caster of lead for smokeless powder for a while but...
  13. 11th corps

    Classic Arms Ltd Pepperbox

    I was doing some cleanup and organization when I ran across a Classic Arms Ltd Ethan Allen Pepperbox kit. It belonged to my Dad. He has been gone since the mid 1990's. I think he probably bought this at Kmart. Not sure when. I decided to assemble it and am in the process of trying to get it...
  14. 11th corps

    .58 Armi 1861 Springfield

    Repro I had my musket out to the range yesterday. With 65 grains of 777 under a .58 minie, it was dead on at 25 yards. However I got at least a 6 to 8 inch drop at 100. Is this normal? My vision isn't that great anymore, especially with open sights. Could it be because I wasn't using real BP?
  15. 11th corps

    Armi Sport musket

    Hoping to get my Armi Sport 1861 Springfield musket to the range tomorrow. I was wondering what the field procedure for civil war soldiers was. Did they pop caps on empty bores to clear the rifle of oil and debris before loading? After battles, were all weapons reloaded w/o caps, old charges...
  16. 11th corps

    Grant by Ron Chernow

    I received this book from my sweet wife for my birthday. Its a fresh look at Grant, his life, military service and later Presidency. Its a long one, over 900 pages. Right now I'm at the battle of Shiloh. Anyone else reading this?
  17. 11th corps

    National Muzzleloading Rifle Assoc

    I haven't been on this forum in a while. Yesterday I got a NMLRA magazine in the mail to try and entice me to join again. I will say it has increased in quality dramatically. Also I read NMLRA is now trying to increase membership by catering to in lines as well. What has been your experience...
  18. 11th corps

    Smoothbore drop

    Shooting my northwest trade gun today with solid shot (.600 ball). I shot at 50 yards pretty accurately. How much drop would you estimate for a .600 fired out of 42 inch barrel with 70 grains of Goex FFF. at 100 yards? Or is accuracy at that distance not possible with a smoothie?
  19. 11th corps

    casting .600 round balls

    I have been "mining lead" lately, from a smokeless powder pistol range I frequent. The lead bullets I have been digging up I understand are too hard for muzzle loaders. Does the hardness of the lead make a difference for a smooth bore however? I am just in the process of gathering lead. I...
  20. 11th corps

    drilling for barrel pins

    I have drilled through the stock and into the underlugs dovetailed in the bottom of my barrel. Question, should the hole in the underlug itself be larger then the pin, to allow for fore and aft movement? I took one of my T/C Hawken rifles apart and noted the large center mounted barrel pin...