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  1. Walkingeagle

    SOLD GM IBS .54 Percussion Barrel

    Hello folks, This sale is for Canadians only as at this time I do not wish to play with shipping through customs. I’ve a .54 cal Green Mountain IBS (drop in for TC Renegade or 1” Hawken barrel channel) 1:70 twist roundball right hand percussion barrel. It is 32” long (33” overall with breech)...
  2. Walkingeagle

    Barrel has arrived!

    Well folks, after watching and searching for far too long, I finally decided that finding a 20ga smoothie for my TC Renegade platform was unlikely here in Canada so I’m gonna have to build. Thus I ordered one from Pecatonica in very late December, and it has finally arrived. The reason I say “TC...
  3. Walkingeagle

    Chaga Tea

    Anybody try this old home remedy? Any thoughts or feedback, good or bad? Walk
  4. Walkingeagle

    WANTED T/C Percussion 1” Hooked Breech Plug

    Hi Everyone, Anyone have a T/C percussion hooked 1” breech plug, right handed, for a Renegade they wouldn’t mind parting with? I’ve been watching for a smooth bore barrel up here for a while with no luck, so might just have to build one. Just keep in mind that this will be shipped into Canada...
  5. Walkingeagle

    Rupert’s Land 1830’s Firearms

    So I have been trying to research what firearms would have been common around the Fort Edmonton area, on up through to the post at Lesser Slave Lake. I think we all know the NW Trade gun fits, but what else?? How would any of the common Eastern long rifles have found their way to the area...
  6. Walkingeagle

    Question on trajectory

    Hey all, my .50 percussion long rifle shoots deadly with my target load of .490rb/moose milk .018” patch and 60gr Goex 2fg. It has a Rice barrel in B weight swamped with fixed traditional sights. Max load as per Rice is 80gr 2fg. As I am mainly an elk hunter, I feel my target load is too light...
  7. Walkingeagle

    Canvas Ships Bag

    Anybody have any information regarding a canvas ships bag (duffel) a crewman or such would have used in the early 1800’s, say 1820?? Shape, color, design, size, waterproofing, etc? I’m thinking along the lines of someone coming off ship work to start a new life heading westward. Thanks in...
  8. Walkingeagle

    Muzzleloader Deer in the Rockies

    Oct 21/20 Managed to get a couple days away from work so the better half and I decided to head out for whitetail buck and ruffle grouse with our muzzleloaders. I would hunt the deer with my Lyman .50 GPH and 370gr Maxiballs while she would take advantage of any seen grouse with her .50...
  9. Walkingeagle

    Elk Antler Gun Rack

    Anyone have pictures of muzzleloader gun racks made from elk antler they would share? I am looking for an idea for a build. Thanks Walk
  10. Walkingeagle

    2020 Alberta Elk Hunt Journal

    Hello all, Some may recall that last year I posted a running journal of my elk hunt. Just curious if there is any interest in a repeat this year? Here is a link to last years as a refresher. Just click the title. Walk
  11. Walkingeagle

    Shipping a Used Powder Flask

    Anybody know of any safety concerns with shipping a used (but empty) powder flask through the mail? Walk
  12. Walkingeagle

    Conversion Question

    Hi All, I’ve got an Isaac Haines .50 flint with a B weight swamped Rice barrel. I am going to convert this to a percussion via 1/2” drum to match the Chambers Conversion large Siler lock. My issue is likely quite simple in that I have a white lightning vent liner which I have not yet pulled. I...
  13. Walkingeagle

    Rice Barrel Loads

    I have a .50cal B weight swamped 38” Rice barrel with 1:66” twist. According to information on their website it appears that 80 grains of 2fg is considered maximum load. I am interested in developing a hunting load, which will include large game (moose/elk) and am wanting to chase both 2f and...
  14. Walkingeagle

    Barrel Markings

    Would any of you be able to provide clarity as to the markings on the underside of the barrel on my late pattern Isaac Haines? Barrel is 38” B weight swamped .50 cal flint full octagon 1:66” twist with round bottom rifling. I believe made by Colerain. Do any of these translate into the rifle...
  15. Walkingeagle

    Going Stir Crazy!

    Starting to go crazy just sitting around this winter. Been out ice fishing a few times, with not a single landed fish to my name, even though those around me are catching. Visit the local archery shop and indoor range twice a week for some shooting and social interaction, which helps immensely...
  16. Walkingeagle

    Tapped and threaded!!

    Well, just acquired a .54 T/C Hawken with a drilled and tapped barrel for scope mount, plus hammer spur offset to accommodate accordingly. I did know of this prior to purchase and price was great. You see I happen to have an early GM IBS 1”x32” 1:70 twist .54 roundball barrel and surplus T/C...
  17. Walkingeagle

    Thoughts on Eatable CWD Deer??

    Ok, got a nice mullie this year in early November, quite a decent 5x4 meat buck. Large body and very healthy looking. This was taken in a mandatory CWD head submission area, and my results just came back positive. I process all my own meat, boneless with the only exception being ribs. My...
  18. Walkingeagle

    Flint to Cap conversion

    I’m considering a conversion of my Isaac Haines .50 flint rifle over to cap. It has a Chambers Deluxe Siler lock, and in looking on the Track website I see the same lock is available in percussion, shaped to fit a drum. My initial question is, are these locks usually a direct swap in the mortise...
  19. Walkingeagle

    Alberta Black Bear Adventure

    After returning home from a very recent successful muzzleloader elk hunt, where I managed to harvest a 5x4 raghorn bull at 26 yards with my Lyman GPH .50 cal and 370 grain Maxiball, I received a call from a close friend inquiring as to the status of my digestive system with bear meat. You see, I...
  20. Walkingeagle

    Journal of a Traditional Alberta Muzzleloader Elk Hunt

    Journal of a Traditional Alberta Muzzleloader Elk Hunt - 2019 Sept 1, 16 days to departure... Well September has arrived once again and very soon I will be headed off on our annual elk hunt. My buddy and I have been doing this hunt since 1994, so this year is the 25th. Throughout the years...