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  1. Magungo1066

    Hunting tips

    Hello all. I have a hunting trip in a few months that will be my first flintlock hunt. I have hunted tons of small game with the flintlock so far, but have hunted all my big game with a modern rifle. What are some tips to carry into the field when you are flintlock hunting? Any tips, tricks, or...
  2. Magungo1066

    Sea Service Pistol Kit

    Hello all. I put up an add looking for a nice Sea Service pistol but I am also open to a kit so I was looking for some information. Does anyone know of any kits for such a style that would be high quality enough to reliably shoot after building? Thanks!
  3. Magungo1066

    WANTED Sea Service Flintlock Pistol

    Looking for some sort of quality repro 1700s British military pistol, but mostly focused on the Sea Service varieties. Looking for a replica that is quality enough to actually reliably shoot. Don't know if this exists but wanted to see if anyone has anything out there. Not really familiar with...
  4. Magungo1066

    California black powder revolver laws

    I am moving to San Diego in a few weeks. I have spent hours on the line with the SDPD to no avail. Anyone that lives in Cali that can give me the rundown on owning black powder revolvers in Cali? I am 24 by the way so I don't think age is an issue. I am just wondering if I can legally...
  5. Magungo1066

    Dragoon "wedge" tight

    Hello all. I have a Colt 2nd Generation Dragoon that is beautiful, but the wedge is an absolute BEAR to get out and thus taking the barrel/cylinder off after shooting it is a pain. Any ideas? I haven't shot it all that much maybe it will loosen some under fire? Thanks!
  6. Magungo1066

    Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    I have several flintlocks but no percussion rifle. What is the quality like on these rifles. Experiences? Thanks!
  7. Magungo1066

    SOLD Uberti 1860 Army

    Near new Uberti 1860 army. Took it to the range twice I think? $280 plus shipping. Thanks! I always manage to post upside down pictures. Apologies
  8. Magungo1066

    Game you have taken with a flintlock

    Lets see some of the game you have taken with a flinter. I can't contribute yet... All I have are a few pictures of some squirrels (Not that they don't count!) but I am hoping to add a Maine Black Bear to the list in August. Lets see what everyone has bagged!
  9. Magungo1066

    Loading ball

    Hello all. I have recently started using the Circle fly .025 thickness overshot wads for when I am shooting shot and I have been loving the performance. Is there any reason I could not use these to load ball? Maybe 2 on top of powder and 2 on top of the ball?
  10. Magungo1066

    How you clean

    Hey guys! Hope all is well. So I have been thinking of how I clean my flintlocks lately. I used to use all of these complex concotions and would spend well over an hour cleaning a certain gun. Now I rely almost exclusively on room temperature water mixed with a little bit of ballistol, and...
  11. Magungo1066

    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    Whats everyone’s favorite thing to eat that they hunt themselves? What is your recipe? I love everything but my favorite is probably wild hog tenderloin marinated in orange juice and honey. I also love “chicken-fried” Venison with white gravy
  12. Magungo1066

    WANTED 16 gauge wad punch

    looking to make 16 gauge felt wads. Thanks
  13. Magungo1066

    Your wadding method

    What do you wad with and how do you do it? For either shot or ball. I am interested in seeing how everyone does it because I want to do some experimenting of my own. I have used tow for both shot and ball, as well as felt wads for ball. My favorite wadding that I have found for shot is wasp's...
  14. Magungo1066

    Long Barrels

    Hello all. I am looking at a really cool Hudson Valley gun but I am a little wary of the barrel length (54 in.) Who here is familiar handling and hunting with a longer barrel? (50+ inches). Thanks!
  15. Magungo1066

    FOR SALE Uberti 1860 Army

    Taken to the range once by my brother. Mirror bore. Perfect condition. 400 shipped. These are out of stock everywhere from what I can tell. Thanks
  16. Magungo1066

    WANTED Fowler

    Looking for 20, 16, or 12 gauge fowler. Bonus points if it is Clubb butt, or Hudson Valley styled. In need of a turkey gun. Price range max about 3k
  17. Magungo1066

    Fun on the farm

    Very excited! I will be visiting my family farm in South Carolina in a few weeks. Living up in Connecticut, I don't have any personal land of my own. I am so excited to have some time to walk/shoot around my farm. I haven't been since getting my rifle or fowler. Rabbits beware! Who else has...
  18. Magungo1066

    FOR SALE .45 Kentucky pistol

    Fine Kentucky flintlock pistol for sale. SUPER ACCURATE. I cannot stress this enough. The best shot I ever made was with this pistol. Maker unknown but very finely built. Says was built in 2014 according to Roman numerals on the sideplate. .45 caliber. 800 dollars
  19. Magungo1066

    Club butt fowlers

    Who has them? How do they handle? Do you hunt with yours?
  20. Magungo1066

    Pedersoli Brown Bess

    How are they? Are they good guns?