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  1. J

    french or english flints

    Track of the Wolf has English flints for $20-$30 per dozen, depending on size.
  2. J

    How do you delete a response that is not posted?

    I started to respond to a post and decided mot to post it. How do I get rid of it?
  3. J

    Rifle search help

    You might also put a wanted in the for sale section. Someone on here might have one they would sell.
  4. J

    Asking for experienced advice on revolver wear n tear

    You might want to contact Charlie Hahn. Ther is a link at N-SSA .org under sutlers. He does a lot of work on revolvers and is highly recommended.
  5. J

    Trail-cam pictures.

    I think that is refered to as "makin bacon"
  6. J

    A Good Source For 'Quality' ready-Made, Primitive Bowie Knives?

    I am under the impression that " hand forged " means you are swinging the hammer instead of using a trip hammer or other type of machine to forge the blade. Alabama Damascus makes machine forged blades or blanks and their prices are reasonable. The have listings on Ebay.
  7. J

    WANTED Wtb terry Texas Ranger 12 gauge

    Dixie Gun Works has the Pedersoli Baker cavalry shotgun. It is listed as in stock.
  8. J

    Old new guy

    Hey Mitch. Good to see a fellow Bubblehead. SSBN610B, SSN714, 595, 603, 647
  9. J

    Does a 12 g BP shotgun exist that will shoot a pattern with no holes at 35 yards?

    Pedersoli 10ga has chrome bores and screw in chokes.
  10. J

    Underhammer actions

    There was a man in Washington state that was making underhammer actions a while ago. Does anyong know if he is still in business?
  11. J

    My wife don't understand me

    I would allow an inch on top to allow for expansion when you freeze it.
  12. J

    Caps available from Grafs...

    I just ordered 3 tins of RWS 1075 (250 ea) from Graf. $88 total shipping and hazmat included.
  13. J

    Bison Hunting

    It is Tatonka Creek ranch. It's south of San Antonio.
  14. J

    Bison Hunting

    There is a South Texas ranch that was offering a meat bull hunt (3 yo bull) for $2200. I will post the name if I can find it.
  15. J

    Scratch built longrifle

    I was in Williamsburg in the early 80's and the price then was $10k and 3-4 year wait.
  16. J

    I got an offer I couldn't refuse...

    Looking forward to seeing some of your items on the for sale board
  17. J

    California black powder revolver laws

    South Bay Rod and Gun Club in SD County has a range and used to allow BP (30 years ago) when I was stationed in SD.
  18. J

    Gun show prices

    Accordind to the Hornady spokesperson, it will be about 2 years for them to clear their backlog. Fat fingers and little phone screens don't match.
  19. J

    Gun show prices

  20. J

    Have a Kentucky pistol kit missing the flintlock. What can I use???????

    Call Track of the Wolf and tell them what you are looking for.