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    FOR SALE Custom .50 caliber caplock, nice

    Appears to be a Leman style long rifle. Cheek piece, trigger guard and trigger, butt plate is extremely similar.
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    Ignition woes

    there ya go! I used to shoot pyrodex a lot, love it! But like you, ignition was a real B at times. Switch out the nipple for the spitfire or the redhot and you'll see a great difference in how she goes boom. Turn that gun over and smack it too. Its key to filling up that drum.
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    Ignition woes

    The Spitfire nipple (Hollow base ) or the Knight redhot are the best. i didnt see what powder you are using, but if its not real black, powders such as pyrodex or t7 are harder to ignite and a nipple upgrade is a must.
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    FOR SALE Bear Oil Patch Lube

    I have a limited # of 5oz cans avaialble at $16.95 and free shipping. The biggest benefit you WILL notice when using our Anti-Rust & Patch Lube is that it is everything we say it is. It stops rust in its tracks without any harmful chemicals or smells.It is very easy to apply. Black powder...
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    Leman cross plains rifle

    Yes the smoothbore is listed in the SB threads. It uses a David lock and this Leman plains rifle uses an l&r.
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    FOR SALE A1: Trap Spring Skinning Knife

    Now $65 shipped. Gotta get items moved out!
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    FOR SALE A: Beavertail Throwing Knife

    Now $75 shipped. Need to get some items moved!
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    FOR SALE B: Beavertail Throwing Knife

    Now $75 shipped. Need to get some items moved!
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    FOR SALE C: Beavertail Throwing Knife

    Now $75 shipped. Need to get some items moved!
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    FOR SALE D: Beavertail Throwing Knife

    Now $75 shipped. Need to get some items moved!
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    Leman cross plains rifle

    Arrived safely! A Doc White, in the white kit gun. I've already started by inletting the barrel channel larger and then proceeded to bed the tang and barrel for a nice weather resistant, sealed fit. Any tiny little wood splinters, I shaved or sanded away before bedding it. By the time its fully...
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    GRRW North West Trade Gun - First timer

    I tried 3fg powder today. Results from 80 and 90gr charges. Ignition was dang near instant! I filed down the front sight about .005" today and hope that will put it at least dead on at 50 yards. I still need to try 60 and 70gr charges, but will need to run more balls in the shop.
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    FOR SALE A2: Trap Spring Skinning Knife

    I'll go $65 shipped for a quick deal. These are great knives folks! They look great hanging on the wall or from a sheath on your belt.
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    Original P58...need help with rusty bore

    never had any problems using it with .004" deep rifling. Paying attention is always key when using an abrasive.
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    Original P58...need help with rusty bore

    copper bore brush with a patch wrapped around it, spread some valve lapping compound on it and go to town.
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    FOR SALE New Belt Bag!

    Brand New, Leather belt bag. Single compartment, Fits up to a 4" belt. 8 1/4" x 6 1/4". A great smaller compact, day bag for hunting! Asking $40 shipped
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    Can I use grease from cooking as patch lube?

    if bear grease goes rancid, you simply didnt render it correctly. Most bear lubes sold ( only a few available ) have so many other things added, that by the time you get the product, its no longer bear grease.
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    Pounding tight balls down?

    Never have I ever found an accurate load with a loose fitting patched ball. If i can smack it a couple times with my short starter and then push it down the bore half a dozen times on a fouled bore, its a great hunting combo. The most accurate ml'er shooters at the big shoots, you will often...
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    CLOSED Looking for a Hawkins 50.

    I have a CVA Mountain rifle .50cal with maple stock I am currently restoring if you are interested. I'll completely refinish the gun as planned.