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  1. TomV

    Our Ancestors

    Exactly, one thing the south didn't like was the loss of states rights and federal usurping control. Seems they predicted what the feds would do 100years later and today
  2. TomV

    Inletting question

    Nice vise, just ordered one $99 @ woodcraft.
  3. TomV

    This is insane...

    Exactly, Carter mistakes all over again.
  4. TomV

    No More Gun Building Videos on You Tube

    #3 Woke bs is it
  5. TomV

    Are round balls going the way of caps, etc?

    I cast my own for quality. Much more consistent weight once process timing and lead temp is controlled. Store bought weights in a bag of 100 will have maybe 50% within one grain of each other, the rest 1,2, sometmes 3 grain variations. Those weight differences will make larger groupings.
  6. TomV

    New to patched ball - what are these patches telling me ?

    Bore butter builds up in the barrel, turns to a black sludge like asphalt. Stop using it partly explains that deteriorating patch sequence as it get stuck in the barrel. Use about anything else moose milk, mink oil, crisco...never bore butter.
  7. TomV

    Not liking my rust bluing turn out. Suggestion on alternative?

    Need multiple rounds 3-4 to get a decent coat. Sweat box, boil, card, repeat. It is how weapons were blued until wwii.
  8. TomV

    Found This Flask in an Antique/Junk Shop

    You can get kangaroo scrotum bags From Australia
  9. TomV

    Not liking my rust bluing turn out. Suggestion on alternative?

    Rust bluing is the best, it actually protects the metal.
  10. TomV

    How many shoot bp only?

    100% Black Powder in muzzle loaders
  11. TomV

    Questions on bringing a T/C Hawken back to life

    Get a revised TC cock from The Gun Works. That makes it work better and your restored TC is original
  12. TomV

    Well, she's finished!

  13. TomV

    Greetings from Western NY

    Yes, there are quite a few of us WNY muzzle loaders and great to see them on the forum. Also if not already familiar there is a muzzle loaders club in Alabama NY with a range.
  14. TomV

    Why Dawn Dish detergent

    Dawn was shown being used to remove crude oil from animals during the ExxonMobil Valdez in 1989. Since then it has been tagged as a harmless oil remover.
  15. TomV

    L & R out of business?

    Web site is up
  16. TomV

    Stuck ball in a charged rifle

    I have a TC 50 with a cheap TC bore brush stuck in breach. Aluminum screw broke off.
  17. TomV

    Stuck ball in a charged rifle

    Patched and lubed should pull easily.
  18. TomV

    Stuck ball in a charged rifle

    Real tight ball/patch seems to resist the CO2 tools from my experiences. At the range there are two slotted pulls wide enough for the rod not the handle put it in and pull down.
  19. TomV

    What's the best temp for casting RB's?

    Depends on the weight and its consistency you want. I found .049 cast 167 with good timing will be about 180gr in a dual cavity mould, about 175 in a single. Higher the temp heavier the ball and higher variable in weight due to the heat retained in the mould. At 167 I can usually keep...
  20. TomV

    Removing nipples

    Exactly clean and preserved for next time