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    WANTED Strap for new horn.

    Lookng for a well weathered leather strap for horn. Half inch or 1 inch would be great. Heed it 55 inches long.
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    Agind brass

    I just purchased a brass pan primer and want to quickly age it, What can I use to accomplish this? I want it to look like iron and not brass.
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    WANTED Brain or bark tanned leather

    Looking for a piece of leather 1/2" x 60"
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    attaching horn to bag

    I see a lot of guys have there horn attached to there bag, what are some of the pros and cons of this? also lets see your set up.
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    Large siler lock.

    What size flint would this lock use?
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    Custom TC Hawken

    Going to customize my TC Hawken would like to see your custom TC Hawken.
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    Hawken kits

    Don Stith or Hawken Shop kit? would like to know which one is preferred by the die hard Hawken crowd. Also who would put together a kit foe me and about how much would it cost. Would like to see pics as well of you Hawken rifle from these two outfits.
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    WB Selb Hawken Rifles

    would like to see some pics of his rifles.
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    Looking for a thread

    I recently was reading a thread about rough horns and cannot find it now. I would like to seem some plain poor boy style horns. some that were not scraped smooth and polished.
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    Mountain Man persona

    would like to see your mountain man persona. Particularly 1800-1830.
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    poor boy flinters

    would like to see pics of your poor boy rifles, especially ones that are stocked in walnut.
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    WANTED 40 cal flintlock

    Looking for a 40 caliber flintlock in a Tennessee or poorboy style. No brass.
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    Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken

    Would like to change the percussion lock to flint, is that possible?
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    Loading Blocks

    Lets see some loading blocks.
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    Pedersoli Frontier & Pennsylvania Rifles

    Thinking about acquiring one of these rifles and would like to see pics of yours.
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    Kevin Blevins flintlocks

    Anyone have experience with his rifles? They look very nice in the pictures I have seen.
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    TRADE Trade Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken 54 cal

    Looking to trade my Rocky Mountain Hawken for a poorboy/barn rifle. this one has the premium maple stock and is in like new condition. I know this may be a long shot but I wanted to see if there is any interest. I forgot to mention that I am looking for a 36 or 40 cal.
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    .530 or .535 round ball

    Pedersoli recommends to shoot a .535 in there Hawken 54 cal. but I see a lot of guys shoot a .530 round ball in there 54's. what do you stand to gain or lose using one over the other?
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    Full stock Hawkens rifle

    As I was looking thru the post on here I saw a full stock Hawken rifle that really caught my eye. I have tried to find the pic again but I am having no luck. So if you have a pic of your full stock rifle a would love to see them.
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    Pedersoli 54 caliber Rocky Mountain

    Thinking of selling this rifle. It is in like new condition, it has the premium maple stock what do you think it would be worth?