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    Another One Saved

    Enclosed is images of a sleeper or barn find that I acquired a fortnight ago and have restored. The gun which is single barrel had a thick coating of rust with moving parts seized and must have come from a out side building or damp attic, the stock which is a hardwood such has ash or sycamore...
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    The UK muzzle loading market

    To date the UK market for muzzle loading guns and firearms is absolutely flooded it is defiantly a buyers market One of the big auction houses for this type muzzle loaders this weekend on the 1st July has the following for auction Percussion original longarm with 63lots from £ 120 +...
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    Fowlers Powder Flask

    Enclosed are images of a large powder flask by Hawksley used by the fowlers for their 4 and 2 bore fowling guns and also the small punt guns . It is a flask that is not often seen and will throw a charge from 12drms to 15drms Feltwad
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    Another Accessory

    I came across this accessory which I think was part of the Military soldiers kit which he carried on the battle field . I believe it is Knapping tool carried by a soldier but maybe some member may have a different opinion it is 5 inch's in length with a serrated hammer head and screw...
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    Old Shooting Sporting Prints

    Old sporting UK prints have always intrigued me mainly because they are a print and also the same principle still exists .I have enclosed 4 images of different types from my collection of old books dated 1800 which members may find interesting Feltwad Grouse Shooting Pheasant shooting...
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    No R in the month

    Here in the UK the old folk law system was not to eat rabbit if there is no R in the month. I for one observe this but a majority do not .The reason been that most rabbits are heavy with young or feeding young which is known has a milky doe Rabbits are classed has ground game but also a...
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    Spring Barley decoying

    With a request from a local farmer to shoot some pigeon and crows that were causing damage to his spring barley drilling, I decided on a few hours one afternoon . Arriving at the field by 1pm there was a few birds feeding and quite a few moving in the wood a mile or so away ,has most pigeons...
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    Gun Stock Shapes

    We are always used to the standard shape of a gun or rifle stock shape but there is also stock shapes that do not look like the usual ones but there are stocks which are designed for a purpose I have enclosed image of two which Are purpose made . Image number 1 is a percussion walking...
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    Capewells Powder Flask

    This powder flask I obtained a short while ago which I think Maybe some members will recognise It is American made by Capewells Patent Powder Flask patent August 24 th in 1880. It is a large flask with a total length of 11 inches and can extent to 12 , it is capable of throwing a powder...
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    UK Auctions

    There are three original American early rifles coming up for auction at different auctions here in the UK , maybe members may recognize the makers A 40 calibre by J.GURD & Son A Kentucky rifle 37inch Octangle barrel nice looking gun but needs restoration by H.Elwell Plains rifle by...
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    A 12 to shoot has a 10

    Enclosed are a couple of images of an unusual 12 bore double barrelled. percussion gun that I would say was purpose built for inland fowling to kill at the range of 10 bore. Has most 12 bore sxs percussion guns were built with 29 or 30 inch sporting barrels this gun was built with 36...
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    Rare Flintlock Rifle

    Enclosed are images of a rare military flintlock rifle of approximately 17 70-80 not often seen . Feltwad
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    Centre fire percussion ignition

    During the percussion period saw many gun makers come up with different patents to improve and quicken the percussion ignition two examples known has the centre fire system were by makers Bentleys of Liverpool and James Rowntree of Barnard Castle UK Both patents directed the cap ignition...
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    Unusual Continental Rifles

    Enclosed are images of two Continental percussion rifle not often seen . Feltwad The Schutzian Rifle The Canton Snipers Rifle
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    Long Fowler Restored

    Enclosed are images of a flint lock converted percussion that I restored some years ago . It is an 8 bore with a 62 inch barrel and a 7 inch lock , the barrel is of iron and I would date the gun approximately from 1750 with brass furniture which includes a tang, butt plate , a acorn trigger...
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    Save The Drum And Nipple

    One of the most popular ways for converting a flintlock to percussion at the start of the percussion era was to fit a drum and nipple. This lasted for several decades which added to the gun history with all bore sizes been converted but of the last 20 to 30 years there has been a large...
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    With a change in the weather from rain and more rain to a fine mild windy day I decided to have a few hours decoying pigeon on a cut rape stubble. Arriving on the field by 9am and setting up the hide and decoys by 9,30 am I loaded my 12 bore sxs percussion gun by Rowntree the first gunmaker...
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    Holts UK Gun Auction

    Holts Gun Auction have a main sale and a sealed bid sale of antique weapons and modern weapons in the middle two weeks of September . This sale has a large number of muzzle loading weapons both antique an repro . Most start of at a low price for repros £ 70 and original £120 plus...
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    Patent Shotgun Rifle Combined

    Enclosed are images of Joseph Childs patent a UK Gun Maker of a combined shotgun and rifle .The gun in question is from the 1840 period its shotgun bore is a 10 with a 32 or there about rifle barrel mount on the top , the hammers have detachable noses which are secured by a slotted bolt...
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    Ironmongers Percussion Fowler

    Enclosed are images of which I believe to be a fowling gun which may have been sold by a ironmonger which was common in that period It is Birmingham made and proofed with a 33inch Damascus twist barrel which would have been 40 inch's or more and in good condition with no bore pitting...