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  1. J

    How do you delete a response that is not posted?

    I started to respond to a post and decided mot to post it. How do I get rid of it?
  2. J

    Underhammer actions

    There was a man in Washington state that was making underhammer actions a while ago. Does anyong know if he is still in business?
  3. J

    Which size White Lightning

    I am looking to install a White Lightning touch hole liner in my Bess. Which size/thread is the best?
  4. J

    Brass molds

    Is there any advantage or disadvantage to using brass bullet molds? I see that some mold makers are offering them in addition to steel or iron.
  5. J

    Bismuth or non-lead shot

    Has anyone tried any of the non-lead shot and how did it perform?
  6. J

    Midway discntinues RWS caps

    I just got notified that Midway has discontinued stocking RWS #11caps
  7. J

    Sheutzen musket caps

    I want to know how the Sheutzen musket caps compare to RWS.
  8. J

    Ramrod tip extending past muzzle

    Does having the end of the ramrod out past the muzzle have any effect on accuracy? A friend of mine was commented about mine (3/4 inch past) affecting my shot.
  9. J

    Touch hole liner

    Is it possible to install a white lightning liner in a Pedersoli Brown Bess?
  10. J

    auto spell correct

    How do you turn it off. It keeps changing my posts.
  11. J

    pedersoli frontier

    I have seen a lot of discussion about the alignment of the cock and the frizzle. Does anyone have a good illustration of what the alignment is supposed to look like. I thought I would check that before I start shooting it
  12. J

    Pedersoli 1803 harpers ferry

    I found a pretty good deal on one. Has anyone used one or know of the pros and cons?
  13. J

    Cast pewter nose cap

    Does anyone have a link to a video showing how to cast a nose cap? I would like to try one, but am not sure how to do it without destroying the stock.
  14. J

    Pecatonica River kits

    I am considering a rifle kit from Pecatonica River. Anyone have experience with them?
  15. J

    Brass pistol barrel makers?

    Does anyone know who is making brass pistol barrels? I used to see them listed on barrel makers web pages, but don't anymore.
  16. J

    bullet casting

    I was looking at a "prepper mag" at the dentist office and it talked about casting bullets. The author talked about hardening them by dropping them from the mold into water. It's been a while since my hs physics class, but I think that shocking the bullets would make them brittle. Comments?
  17. J

    Northstar west?

    I am looking to acquire a Northwest trade gun and went to look at Northstar and got a message that the site was closed. Have they gone out of business?
  18. J

    Touchhole liners

    I recently read a statement on a custom builders site that warned against using them as the threads erode and the liner becomes a missile. Has anyone experienced that or are they safe to keep using?
  19. J

    Brass barrels

    I am thinking of building a brass barrel pistol. I plan on shooting it, so should it have a steel liner installed or just shoot as is?
  20. J

    Bore lapping

    I would like to know how one would lap a bore and what, if any, advantage you would get. Also would it help improve a rough bore?