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  1. 52Bore

    (Raton New Mexico ) Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous 2020

    Thanks for your efforts in promoting ML for others to gather and have the opportunity. Good luck.
  2. 52Bore

    #11 Nipple Threads

    I believe it’s true as stated in the OP, seems realistic regardless of sample size. You’re welcome to list any ML repo rifles made in the USA that used a metic thread or used a #11 that is NOT a 1/4-28.
  3. 52Bore

    #11 Nipple Threads

    Thanks for the info. Imagine every rifle, actually made in America, will have standard threads, 1/4-28 for #11’s.
  4. 52Bore

    Kentucky Rifle compared to Hawken Rifle

    Get a longrifle of same or better quality than your Hawken. PA/KY will have brass hardware compared to E.TN that is steel - like your Hawken. Kibler So.Mountain would be a good addition.
  5. 52Bore

    It finally happened froze nipple on my buffalo hunter

    Looks like the square is still there... I’d measure and make a wrench that fits. Did another one recently, an original Whitworth Sporting Rifle that the owner couldn’t remove. T-handle and have someone tap on the top as your loosen- kinda like an impact.
  6. 52Bore

    Red residue at muzzle after shooting

    I have experienced it quite a few times over the decades at matches, I primarily shoot heavy conicals. Being that it does not occur each time with the same load - I’ve always felt it had more to do with the atmospheric conditions than anything else. If it’s sulfur - understandable.
  7. 52Bore

    Method to solder barrel rib

    ZUG: Good explanation. you reference ‘soft silver solder’, I hope you just meant ‘soft solder’ ? Same as used in soldering plumbing, much lower melting point that silver solder.
  8. 52Bore

    Pedersoli Nipples

    Their musket nipples for their PH Whitworth are M8x1.25 (5/16-20 most believe as they are so close in dimensions- they are interchangeable).
  9. 52Bore

    Cap popped, rifle didn't fire, until later

    What was the reasoning of just laying the rifle on the ground in front if the firing line? Was the line still hot?
  10. 52Bore

    Don Brown Alexander Henry Replica

    Fleenor is correct - quality and classy. Rod England bought Don’s patterns and leftover dies after his passing. Rod still sells the same kit as Don. Like Don, Rod will build you one. I like it, my favorite maker. Alexander Henry made the best looking and feeling ML I’ve every held. I bet if...
  11. 52Bore

    Shooting across the flats

    Found a video of Hugh’s $100k Rifle, taken at Friendship along with the class - a few screenshots. The 300 is much farther back than I recalled. Maybe a foot from the front sight - barely seen in the photo of both it and front sight.
  12. 52Bore

    Browning Mountain Rifle?

    No doubt the additional emblems and scrimshaw, etc. are only the because of the anniversary edition. They are numbered xxx of 1000.
  13. 52Bore

    Browning Mountain Rifle?

    The horn has the Centennial logo as well.
  14. 52Bore

    Browning Mountain Rifle?

    Here’s mine, 50cal Never fired, supposedly from the guy I bought it from at Friendship. It looks like new.. Wooden case is correct as it’s inside the box.
  15. 52Bore

    Whitworth, Pedersoli and Navy Arms

    You have 15 MLAIC medals and don’t know what the MLAIC Distinguished Award is given for? lol
  16. 52Bore

    Whitworth, Pedersoli and Navy Arms

    TFoley: Thanks for your reply. It only confined my 1st suspicion about your post to the EXACT date of Val Sr death. That post of yours was only to discredit someone else.
  17. 52Bore

    Whitworth, Pedersoli and Navy Arms

    TFoley: On minute you compare shooters from 2 different countries based on 18years of Internet knowledge. Yet minutes before you don’t know the difference between Val Forgett Sr. & Jr. of Navy Arms. Guess if you don’t know the difference between Sr & Jr - then your comment of shooting from your...
  18. 52Bore

    Whitworth, Pedersoli and Navy Arms

    Indeed - Val Sr passed nearly 2 decades ago. Val Jr. goes by the same name - Val. I’ve never called him Jr. when I’ve spoken him, have only address him as Val. I have no idea about Uberti - only passing along on the specific post at to my face to face conversation with Stefano Pedersoli and...
  19. 52Bore

    Percussion bench rifles

    This picture from around 1930’s has always fascinated me. He was from TN and the NMLRA Range is named after him.
  20. 52Bore

    Whitworth, Pedersoli and Navy Arms

    Val F. told me they they were shipped to him and he used a traditional blue on the barrel and bone case color on the lock plate - neither methods Pedersoli can do, Pedersoli bbl is brown and lock case hardened a different way. Stefano P. also told me his country is much more strict on such...