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  1. Silky921

    WITHDRAWN 12 Gauge Halfstock fowler

    Hello, Up for sale is a 12 gauge, flintlock, half stock fowler. L & R lock that sparks well. Walnut stock. Brown bess trigger guard. Not sure the maker, but has the initials "HSJ" on the lock plate. Very nice gun for toting around the woods, it's just been in the safe for 3 years and needs...
  2. Silky921

    4 Turkeys Rendezvous at Toledo Muzzleloader Club

    A group of friends and myself, have been doing a small camp just among ourselves, dubbed the 4 Turkeys Rendezvous. Mostly this camp is fueled from growing tired of being stuck inside and the desire have some laughs around a fire with good friends. Past few years, we have been holding them at...
  3. Silky921

    Fall Ohio Flintlock and Buckskin Camp

  4. Silky921

    Dixie Gun Works pistol

    Picked up a Dixie/Miroku brown bess pistol. Wasnt really in the market, just happened to be a good deal that I couldn't pass. Looking for any info on a starting point for a load, and any general tips to get me started. Thanks.
  5. Silky921

    Ohio Flintlock and Buckskin rendezvous

    This weekend is our Spring camp,and we'll be just south of Columbus,Oh in a town called Ashville, right along the Scioto river. No charge to day trip. Donating a prize(s) worth $25 gets entry into every match, and you're guaranteed to win a blanket prize. Anyone interested in going, feel free...
  6. Silky921

    Shooting new fowler

    So, long story short, I picked up a new cherry fowler from Keb, which I absolutely love. Took it out for a few shots yesterday, and, to my surprise, did very well with it. My question is, besides keeping consistent anchor and aiming points, what other techniques help when shooting a gun with...
  7. Silky921

    Old Town Trade Fair-Xenia Ohip

    Any one from around here making it to this event this weekend? Would like to make acquaintances with any of you fine folks if you are.
  8. Silky921

    Any Boise Stores?

    I'm going to Boise Idaho for a few days and might have some free time on my hands. Anyone know of any black powder related vendors in the area?
  9. Silky921

    1st Primitive small game hunt

    Well folks, I finally did it. After years of sort of messing around, half arsing or going through the motions, I went on a dedicated small game hunt, with a new to me 12 gauge smoothbore fowler. While I didn't bring home any meat for dinner, this hunt was considered a success for me. I hunted...
  10. Silky921

    3 timed shots

    Good evening folks. I'm putting on a woods walk for my club, and want to do a 3 shot station that has to be completed in a set amount of time. My goal is to make it doable, but challenging. So some get all 3 shots off, and some don't. All shots will be taken at different targets, but from the...
  11. Silky921

    The oddest camp meal you've ever had?

    In light of another thread regarding camp meals, I figured I'd change the idea a little. So what's the oddest meal you've had around a fire, good or bad? I'll get it started: Mine was at one of my first events, was around 14 years old at the time. My uncle cooked and served a surprise, and of...
  12. Silky921

    Saving bacon grease

    So I just found out saving bacon grease for later uses is rather popular and I have been missing out for years. So how many of you fine folks save it and how do you use it in recipes and/or cooking?
  13. Silky921

    Jas Townsend

    Working in Fort Wayne, In and had a slow day, so I drove over to their shop in Pierceton. Very warm welcome from the guy at the counter. We chatted and got to know each other, after which he offered a tour of the place. Well, sure! Went through the warehouse, shipping areas, metal/wood shop...
  14. Silky921

    Log Cabin in Lodi, Oh

    Recently purchased a few items from them as I like to support local companies. Took them a day to process the order and ship out, which is ok because I'm not going to any events. One item was a handmade spatula that I'm very happy with. Should last years as long as I do my part. Also bought a...
  15. Silky921

    Cleaning cast iron

    Recently have been cleaning my pans with this technique. Very happy with the results. Also interested in how you fine folks do your...
  16. Silky921

    Bushytail woods poem on horn

    Does anyone remember who posted the picture of the poem about hunting bushytails on a powder horn? I believe it was nearly two years ago. Been thinking about it for awhile now. Thanks for any and all help.
  17. Silky921

    Headwear for a Scot?

    So being that I have a warm(er) weather, younger, and non-military Scottish persona that I'm working on. Do you folks have an idea on what would be the best headwear for this situation? Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Silky921

    The Possible Shop

    In light of another thread, I figured I'd say that once again I had another great experience with Don and The Possible Shop. Every time I've ordered I get a confirmation and a tracking number within 24 hours and it's arrived securely packed in great condition with a handwritten thank you note...
  19. Silky921

    Greetings from Florida

    I'd like to introduce myself to everyone as I've been active behind the screen for awhile now. Just moved here, originally from Ohio. Been a member of the Ohio Buckskin Rendezvous for years and joined the Toledo Muzzleloaders when I was up there as well. Look forward to learning from you all...