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    Shortened Barrel

    had this bulged barrel so I cut off the damaged part re breached it and made this can't call it a canoe gun how about a buggy trunk monkey? 50cal 17 in barrel
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    my side slapper

    40 cal, stock from a blank, home made iron mounts
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    side slaper lock

    anyone know where I can get a side slaper lock?
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    Ok, I give up :surrender: what is the secret to tinning? I can't get solder to flow and tin a surface. All I get is a big ball of solder that runs right off whatever I am trying to tin.
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    Left-handed Guns

    :confused: I am a southpaw. I build my guns with a lefthanded locks. I have seen a couple of antique guns stocked for a left handed person but the lock was a standard right handed lock. Here is my question to all you collector and history correct types. Has anyone ever seen a antique...
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    A-One Customer Service

    Recently ordered a builder's lock kit from Jim Chambers. Had a few problems getting it delivered,(no one's fault just excrement occurs) I want to give a big thank you to Barbie Chambers no one could have responded faster or done more to make everything right. Real A-1 Customer Service :bow:
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    Sothern Mountian Rifles

    southern/appalachian mountian what is the difference between a squirrel rifle a hog rifle and a bear rifle? caliber? style? or maybe just different names for the same gun depending on what part of the country you come from. what is your opinion?
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    Had a lock self-destruct yesterday, First the fizzen spring broke and when I cocked the lock again the main spring went. Can't figger this one out. this is a modern lock with cast springs and if just one or the other had broken I would say it was just a bad spring but having the two of them...
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    Hi, been checking out several ML sites like this one best . Got into BP with the Civil War Centennial. Had one of the first Navy Arms Rem's imported in to theUS ser#94 wish I still had it. Built first rifle from a Dixie kit in 1965, a real peice of S### but I had fun. Enjoy building &...