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    Cannon help

    Are you certain the entire tube is metal? Google "concrete cannon for sale" to see some convincing 1841 six-pounder yard ornaments...
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    Cannon help

    Is the bore full depth? Any markings on the muzzle, breech ring, trunnion ends? Has the exterior been finished or left as cast?
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    Range lead

    While stationed in Utah, I did much shooting at an abandoned road construction borrow area used by quite a few local shooters. One day I thought I'd sift through the crumbly clay with my fingers to recover some lead; in addition to the projectiles I sought, the first handful of soil included...
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    Flash melt, wads, and bore butter?

    Thanks, Grenadier1758.
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    Home Defense Cannon

    Commodore, I enjoyed your earlier thread on this piece and must say I think it's really cool. Lots going on there, lots of questions. Could you share some details on what looks like a very well built carriage? Powder charge, projectiles? Thanks...
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    Gourd canteen

    Well said. The small stones and sharp gravel idea for cleaning the gourd interior is invaluable.
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    Powder measures

    Thanks, friend. :thumb:
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    Gourd canteen

    Can't stop studying your inspiring work. Thank you for sharing!
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    Powder measures

    Whitetail antler and 3/8" & 1/2" scrap copper tubing, 18-60 grain capacity. I used a hacksaw, chainsaw file, and small triangle file for shaping; pipestone for the bird's eyes. They are the result of the sun only shining once every few weeks or so...
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    Red residue at muzzle after shooting

    Seems like nearly every day posts appear referring to stuff contrary to Forum Rules pinned in the Forum Announcements & Support section. Often accompanied by "I know we're not supposed to talk about it here, but..." Please understand Zonie's position.:)
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    New to Percussion

    Bledfor Days' suggestion of using the Search option will serve you well; ten pages of posts on "cleaning."
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    Lock Down Leather Work

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    Red residue at muzzle after shooting

    Like the chile peppers I grow. 😫
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    Ted Cash boxes

    Tobie, you might be interested in Smokey Plainsman's thread "My New Little Tin" started here last Thursday.
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    Spit patching while wearing a mask

    The irony of wearing a mask while handling muzzleloading firearms is beyond my understanding.
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    Tuning Open Top Replicas

    I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you, Woodnbow.
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    Gaaah! Help! Can't get stuck ball out

    Do nothing more until you've gathered and studied the knowledgeable answers that will be offered by members here.
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    Boiling water!

    For pete's sake will someone please try the urine cleaning method and post a report? Nothing but talk, talk, talk so far.
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