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    I don't like to use a ball starter.

    As far as PC/HC goes, if you can think of it now, and make it yourself with hand tools, then, most likely it was used then. Don't make the mistake by thinking these guys were just a bunch of rubes. I have a short started tied to my loading block for each rifle. On the knives I've made, I have...
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    Casting round balls

    I started, in 1975, with a Lee dipper, an enamel sauce pan, and a white gas Coleman 2-burner. Still using the same setup. Once you get the temperature right, you can cast in an hour more than you'll shoot in a day. Rather relaxing, actually. BTW, if you know any phone company cable guys...
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    How Often Do You Remove the Touch Hole Liner

    I have one liner that I got from Dixie a really long time ago. It came with a slot. I've made a few out of 1/4' Stainless, threaded to 1/4 x 28, and counter sunk inside. A couple I slotted and a few not. Anyway, I've never pulled one. I figure it's the same as one with out a liner, if you...
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    powder horn hole

    I also go with 1/4". I put a 1/2" dowel in a drill chuck and use it as a lathe. This way I can have a section of 1/4" and taper it out for a good fit. Cut some grooves on the 1/2" part for looks.
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    Stock finishing for a beginner

    Zonie had some excellent advice for you. With Boiled Linseed Oil, BLO, the rule of thumb is: once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, and once a year forever. A big advantage with BLO is that it's in the wood, not really on it, so a scratch can be touched up...
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    Aging Powder Horns

    About the white flash, a really long time ago when I was in college in Wisconsin, I guy got shot wiping his butt. The next year, you could buy orange TP.
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    Pa squirrel opener 10/19.

    Exactly. It's not like you're feeding the entire camp. It's all about enjoying nature and the history of black powder hunting.
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    weighting in on volume

    The way the correct volume (not weight) was determined was by putting the correct ball in the flatten palm of your hand and covering it with powder. The bigger the ball, the more powder needed. I've tried this and it seems to work fairly well. Remember, these were backwoods folks without...
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    Casting With Bottom Pour or Ladle?

    I started in this field in 1975. I use the same setup that I started with. An enamel pot, a Lyman ladle, and my Coleman white gas camp stove. I've used moulds from Lyman, Lee, and the original Dixie steel mould. Guys have been doing this over campfires. Don't over think the process.
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    Butt plug wood?

    I've been using walnut on the last few that I've made. I have a 1" tap and die for wood, so I make a threaded stopper with some crap apple wood from an old tree of mine. Both turn nicely. BTW, I also have a 1/2" tap and die that I use on priming horns.
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    Flint Lock Hawken rocky mountain / plains rifle

    A few years ago, I built a Flint Hawkins. .54 Green Mountain barrel, Siler lock, walnut full stock, and I made the iron (steel) furniture. Percussion caps really weren't in use 'til the 1820's and I'm sure some old timers didn't have total faith in them for several years after that. Anyway...
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    I have a .490 TC mold that's AL and it throws really good balls. I also have something like 5 Lee's, round and minie, that are very good. The only steel are 2 Dixie GW's, .440 and .730. On the .440, I did some work on it and added a sprue cutter. Both of those are also very good. Bottom...
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    replacing lock on Pedersoli Kentucky

    Even though I don't think the Siler locks made by Chambers are as good as the ones made by Bud, you can get a lock from them that has a blank plate that you can shape to whatever you want. Not sure if they come completed or kit form only. I'd slightly oversize it and inlet it to fit.
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    Powder Horn Stoppers

    I make my horns with a 1/4" hole. I can use a 3/8-1/2" dowel rod. Depending on the chuck on your hand drill or drill press, use the bigger. A couple inch long chunk won't wobble. You can use this as a lathe. I make a taper then cut a few grooves for looks. Make a few. Tie string on them...
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    Horn Strap

    Does anyone have a place to get the right type of wool yarn? I can easily make an Inkle loom but the yarns at craft stores (Michael's) seems to be for hats and baby blankets.
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    Coins used for making front sights?

    Don, to keep the sunlight from screwing up your sight picture, you must keep the front and top edge of the sight flat. If it's rounded, you have a tendency to shoot to the sunny side 'cuz that side is brighter and that's what you center on. I learned that the hard way. Luckily, the sight was...
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    Coins used for making front sights?

    Foxfire 5 has a section by Hershal House. He makes a front sight with a old, worn quarter (silver) and soldered it to copper base. that was dovetailed into the barrel. I did the same and it worked really well. BTW, if the coin is that worn, it's really not worth more than the value of the...
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    Scrimshaw Ink

    I did try the same thing in one spot. It seemed to work pretty good. BTW, I think I saw somewhere that Sharpies were invented in the early 1600's, so that would make them PC.
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    Scrimshaw Ink

    Been doing BP since the mid 70's but just decided to do some scratchin' on my horns. What seems to be the preferred ink? India, stamp pad, or something else. What is PC?
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