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  1. leverfred

    WITHDRAWN 1851 for sale near mint.

    Purchased from member here, decided it was not for me. 36 caliber in near mint condition with sleeve and box. Asking 350.00 shipped.
  2. leverfred

    SOLD Pecatonia River underhammer

    I have an underhammer it is complete kit in 36 caliber with everything including curly maple wood. Paid 580.00 plus shipping asking 500.00 shipped. 32" barrel length. Draw filed barrel and action. Needs final polishing if needed.
  3. leverfred

    SOLD Beautiful Leman 40

    Up for your consideration is a very nice Leman 40 caplock. The bore is mint with very few light handling marks. Selling only to fund a new flintlock project. Asking 700.00 shipped in the USA. Postal money order will do.
  4. leverfred

    CLOSED underhammer stock and forearm.

    I am looking for an underhammer stock and forearm. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
  5. leverfred

    WANTED 36 or 32 flintlock

    Looking for a light weight 36 or 32 flintlock but may settle for a caplock. Half stock a bonus but not necessary. Show me what you have. Thank you.
  6. leverfred

    SOLD 40 caliber pistol

    I built this last year. Oregon 3/4" 40 caliber 10" barrel. I used this for target shooting. It has modern sights but can put original style if you want to. The bore is mint with a single set trigger. Asking 300.00 plus shipping. The price is just about what i have in parts.
  7. leverfred

    E.R. Ansbach

    A friend of mine picked up this nice piece and needs some info on it. I have looked and had no luck and was hoping the members here might be able to help. E.R. Ansbach is the only details I have other than it is a 45 cal with a swamped barrel.
  8. leverfred

    SOLD Kirklands 16 sxs

    I bought this a little while ago and it is just not what i was looking for. The locks function as they should, bores are very nice and the stock is pretty sound. I have not shot this but it needs to go to finance another project i want. Asking 300.00 shipped postal money order or 325.00 shipped...
  9. leverfred

    WANTED 32 caliber revolver steel frame cap and ball obviously

    Looking to see what is out there. Looking for steel frame only. Thank you.
  10. leverfred

    WANTED looking for the lightest 32 cal barrel available

    I am looking for the lightest 32 cal barrel available. Does anybody know what that is and where to purchase one? Barrel must be at least 30 inches long.
  11. leverfred


    I am looking for some scrap pieces of muzzleloader barrels to practice on. If anyone has some they would like to sell, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  12. leverfred

    SOLD 45 caliber gut buster

    Used but not abused 45 caliber gut buster. Bore is mirror shiny. Asking 150.00 shipped.
  13. leverfred

    SOLD Wm Malcolm 6 power scope

    Very nice 6 power brass caps, clean tube with micrometer adjustable rear mount with all mounts and screws with extended tube. Can be used from 28" barrel to 32" barrel. Asking 350.00 shipped.
  14. leverfred

    SOLD T/c hawken

    Brand new wood, 45 cal barrel with mint bore and 50 cal barrel with a good shootable bore with both factory ramrods. Asking 525.00 shipped to 48 states. Needs brass patchbox. Has single set trigger can be fired without set and factory double set trigger goes with this as well.
  15. leverfred

    WANTED Hook breech an tang

    Looking for a 5/8" x18 hook breech with tang for a 1" barrel.
  16. leverfred

    WANTED wanted member from Hollister mo hawken i bought.

    I am trying to get the member from Hollister Missouri that sold me a 50 hawken. Pm me please as I got the barrel cleaned after 8 hours of scrubbing and the bore is in very nice shape and just thought you may want it back.
  17. leverfred

    SOLD T/C 45

    I have for sale a really nice T/C 45 caplock with minor handling m arks and an excellent bore. I have taken deer with this and is very accurate. I believe this is an older one and it does have the "K: prefix but is very nicely done. This would be a very nice entry level accurate hunting piece to...
  18. leverfred

    Touch hole question

    This may have been discussed elsewhere but could not find it. I have a barrel but the touch hole is 3/8" after the breech plug, does anybody see a problem with ignition being that far away from back of barrel?
  19. leverfred

    gun makers show

    Feb 9th Campus martius museum in Marietta Ohio. Contemporary gunmakers show. I go every year, very nice with a museum as well.
  20. leverfred

    trade fair

    Event this weekend at the Sandusky Ohio fairgrounds in Freemont Ohio. Living history trade fair. Feb 2&3 2019 9am to 5pm.