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  1. house

    Traditional Hunts

    Are there any states besides PA that have cap lock/ flintlock only hunts? Preferably in the central part of the United States. Here in Missouri we can’t even get a managed hunt with traditional muzzleloader/archery only. It’s a shame.
  2. house

    Muzzleloader supplies.

    Where do you shop online for your muzzleloader supplies? I have always gone through Track of the Wolf for what my local store doesn't carry, but there s&h is so high. Graf and Sons s&h is reasonable, but what they carry is so limited. Just curious.
  3. house

    2021 has started out with a bang!

    Well by 2020 and hello 2021. Shot this Missouri 9 pt this morning with my 50 Hawken.
  4. house

    Twist in a 32 swamp barrel?

    Thinking of having a gun built with a 32 caliber swamped Rice barrel. The only thing is it is in 1-70 twist. Most of the smaller caliber barrels that I've seen have a faster twist. Will I be able to shoot light squirrel hunting PRB loads out of it?
  5. house

    Traditions Shenandoah?

    I have a Traditions Shenandoah flintlock that was made without the brass patch box or brass star on the stock. Does anyone know why there were two different kinds made and where I could get the patch box and other furniture at to add to my Shenandoah?
  6. house

    Best place to buy parts?

    I'm working on a stock that will resemble a TC Hawken and was wondering where the best place to buy furniture and locks for it would be? I am going to drop an Green Mountain replacement barrel in it. It is a 15/16 barrel also. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. house

    Traditions Flintlock?

    Have any of you heard of Traditions making a Pennsylvania Flintlock in .45 caliber? I have seen them in .50 but not .45. Might have a chance on buying one and the guy said he thought it was a .45 and was just wondering.
  8. house

    First kill with my 54 Hawken.

    [/URL][/img] I shot this little spike with my TC Hawken in 54 caliber and 70 grains of FFF with PRB. He was shot at 40 yards and expired after about a 40 yard dash. I shot him on a managed hunt in an urban area where there isn't any point restriction. I saw and passed many larger deer including...
  9. house

    2 Hawks Tomahawk and Axes.

    Has anyone here ever used or have a tomahawk or axe from I am thinking about getting a Voyager or Long hunter. I would love a War Beast but can't see spending that kind of money now. They are made in Missouri by a young man is another reason I am looking at just...
  10. house

    Pathfinder TV

    Does anyone else watch Dave Canterberry and Pathfinder TV on channel 266 (Dish)? I love it. This weeks episode was about the civil war era. I have always like his YouTube channel, but this show is good too.
  11. house

    T/C Maxi Bullet?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried these? Thought about trying them in my .45 Hawken this deer season. I've always shot PRB in both the .54 and .45 but was looking for a little more knock down with the smaller caliber.
  12. house

    Need help with loads and accuracy ?

    I was shooting my T/C 54 Cal Hawken trying different loads for hunting season. I always have shot 60 grains of FFF BP with a .015 patch and Hoppes Patch lube. At fifty yards it shoots nice groups about four inches high. It shot it with the same gear but just put 80 grains and it shoots good...
  13. house

    Weather proofing a cow knee?

    I just purchased a cow knee for my rifles and was wondering what others used to weather proof there's? I thought about mink oil, but thought I would get other opinions before I tried it. Any help is appreciated.
  14. house

    It all started with one!

    A couple of years ago I bought a 54 caliber T/C Hawken from my uncle. He bought it as a kit gun in the mid 80's. Well long story short I fell in love with it and now have my youngest son hooked as well. Now between us we have three. My 54, his 50 with a Green Mnt. PRB barrel, and a 45 as well.
  15. house

    45 caliber PRB

    What size of round balls should I get? Will be hunting everything from squirrel to possibly deer.
  16. house

    T/C Cherokee.

    A friend of mine called me today and said a gentleman he works with has a T/C Cherokee that he would get rid of. He knew my son was wanting to buy his own rifle so he called me. I haven't looked at it but it is a 50 caliber and he also has 45 caliber barrel as well. He told me to shoot him a...
  17. house

    My new hawk.

    [/URL][/img] I bought this New Reliable Hawk from Track of the Wolf this week. I stained the handle and took all the paint off the head and boiled it in vinegar. I think it looks pretty good for under $40.
  18. house

    T/C Hawkin 54 Caliber

    This is my first try at adding a photo of my prize position.
  19. house

    Changing from Pyrodex to Black Powder

    I have a 54 caliber T/C Hawkin and have been shooting 80 grains of pyrodex through it. I recently ordered a case of FFF Goex and wondering what difference in grains I should use. Any help is appreciated. I shoot a 539 PRB through it.
  20. house

    Donaldson Tomahawks.

    Has anyone had any experience with this hawk. I am new and looking to purchase my first hawk. I have been reading up on as many as I can. I don't want to break the bank on one. Not sure if it something I will spend a lot of time trying to master. I have looked at more expensive and a lot cheaper...