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  1. thompson50

    Round ball molds

    So I have some questions about round ball molds. I currently have a few Lee molds and one Rapine. I need another for a new 45. cal I recently purchased. On gunworks I can get a double cavity Lee for $30, while the Lyman is $85 plus $50 for the handles. Is the extra $100 worth the investment...
  2. thompson50

    WANTED 440 RB mold

    I’m looking to buy a RB mold in 440, Lee or Lyman is fine.
  3. thompson50

    New Hawken !

    Finally arrived today and now I can’t wait to get to the range. The gun was made by Mike Roby and has a tapered Colerain barrel, L&R lock and Davis triggers. I have been looking for a big bore gun and I love this one!
  4. thompson50

    Drum nipple

    Is it possible to to remove a drum nipple from a cap lock and install a touch hole liner to make it a flintlock?
  5. thompson50

    DIY pig hunt

    Asking for info on public land pig hunting. From Maine and always like looking for new hunting adventure. Any and all information is appreciated
  6. thompson50

    WANTED Antlers

    Looking to buy deer antlers. I only need one or two sheds.
  7. thompson50

    PA flintlockin