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  1. Winterhawk

    Boring a barrel to a larger caliber

    No, this was a barrel he made for this gun, so I had both the rifled barrel and the smoothbore. It is octagonal to round, with double wedding band at the transition and a "turtle" front sight. I had to polish and blue it. The bluing was with Laurel Mountain Forge Browning Solution and a PVC...
  2. Winterhawk

    Boring a barrel to a larger caliber

    Another option would be to have Mr. Hoyt build a new barrel for you. I had sent him a T-C Pennsylvania Hunter which he bored out to .54; then I asked him if he could make a smooth bore barrel. His answer was an affirmative. I had to send him the rifle without the barrel and a couple of weeks...
  3. Winterhawk

    New Lyman GPR .54 flintlock

    When you clean, get a .357 brush to go into the patent breech powder chamber. Wrap a patch around it and shove it all the way in, turn it several times, repeat. Otherwise you will still have powder residue in there.
  4. Winterhawk

    Thompson center old or new cock?

    You may need to replace both the frizzen and the hammer, from what I remember. Otherwise you can get a L&R RPL replacement lock. It will take a bit of fitting, instructions are included. If you go that route, be sure to match the pan with the touch hole (don't ask how I know that!); also to...
  5. Winterhawk

    T/C 45 cal

    With a Getz replacement barrel, and if the lock sparks well, and if the bore is in good shape, you did well for $350.
  6. Winterhawk

    Lyman GPP and Lee reals

    That may be a Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter. These were basically their Zouave which came sporterized from the factory. Here's pictures of one: NAVY ARMS 58 CAL BUFFALO HUNTER RIFLE W/2 BARRE... for sale Val Forgett (founder of Navy Arms) used one in Africa to bag a zebra. See his article in the...
  7. Winterhawk

    The little mystery smoothbore.

    I hope someone can give more information on this; it sure is a cutey! ~WH~
  8. Winterhawk

    Jukar Spain Rifle Pawn Shop Rescue

    I didn't know that they made guns without a patent breech. The ones I am familiar with are a strange design where on the cap gun the drum screws in both sides of the breech & barrel (the later first being screwed into the breech). It was then drilled out from the muzzle. What I understand is...
  9. Winterhawk

    FOR SALE English Style Striker Flint and Steel Set

    Thank you all for your replies. I thought that as a vendor there would be a link to the appropriate website (as Mr. Hawk has sent me in a conversation). so no personal information, just how to contact the business, which would be public information anyway. Thanks again, ~WH~
  10. Winterhawk

    Jukar Spain Rifle Pawn Shop Rescue

    Right. Jukar guns came from Spain, were fairly cheap. They also made guns for CVA, and some of those are the same as what Jukar sold here. I believe that they were predominately .45 caliber. Most you see are kits and have a two piece full stock. As SDSmlf points out, first thing to...
  11. Winterhawk

    other than steel shot

    Now how do you make your shot? I've thought about doing so myself (lead, not bismuth) & need some tutelage! ~WH~
  12. Winterhawk

    FFF or FFFF?

    I used to prime with 4f. Then I started priming with Ffg from the horn and saw no difference, so I leave the primer at home. That's one less thing to carry. Plus, when the humidity is high the 4f seems to get wet while the 2f stays dry. ~WH~
  13. Winterhawk

    FOR SALE English Style Striker Flint and Steel Set

    Where do we mail a postal MO to? I don't think "Tom A. Hawk, finger Lakes Region NYS" will work with the post office.... :oops: ~WH~
  14. Winterhawk

    SOLD Lyman GPR, .54 cal.

    This rifle is TRADED! Thanks J Dirt. ~WH~
  15. Winterhawk

    WANTED Need a Lyman GPR wedge key

    I have one. I just checked its fit in the GPR I'm selling and it fits well. The GPR supposedly has two lengths of wedge, although I have never seen a difference in those I have had or handled, just so you know. I have no idea which one this is. PM me your address and I'll pop it in the mail...
  16. Winterhawk

    how did the long hunters clean there guns,,,,,,,,,,,

    Basically, it involves chasing the existing rifling grooves to sharpen the lands and make the grooves deeper, thus smoothing out the bore. So it's not reboring the barrel, just cleaning its innards a bit. ~WH~
  17. Winterhawk

    Robert Hoyt contact hours?

    I've called and left a message, and he was very good about calling me back later in the evening. ~WH~
  18. Winterhawk

    Position of touch hole

    Larry Pletcher ran experiments with this and found no real difference between high or low position of the vent: Part 6 — High and Low Vent Experiments Interesting that having the prime close to the vent proved faster ignition than banked away from it, which conventional wisdom dictates. He...
  19. Winterhawk


    I'm use the powder in the horn for priming. Right now it is 2Fg and I see no difference between it and when I used 4Fg. It makes a little less to carry (priming horn), plus if it is humid the 4Fg will collect moisture from the air which the courser powder does much less. ~WH~