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  1. Phil Coffins

    A beginner's problem with a swamped barrel inlet

    At this point the sides of the inlet should of been removed, the long deep trough that you have now is fighting you. The steel straps were ok for hogging out but I’d remove them along with the wood to about where the center of the barrel will be. Use very little transfer black as well. And as...
  2. Phil Coffins

    My wife don't understand me

    Being a natural product that can spoil I’d refrigerate a small bottle and freeze the bulk of it.
  3. Phil Coffins

    Had unknown to me good look'n woman all over me at the range yesterday

    That’s just wrong! Can you see old Wild Bill with a pink dodad picking at his revolvers? But I might get me one and paint it black (manly style) then hide it in my waist band.;)
  4. Phil Coffins

    Bison Hunting

    I’ve shot three buffalos so I’m far from an expert. What I’ve learned is for meat a 2 to 3 year old is big enough and makes good meat. Shoot them in December for the best robe and a cow has more hairs per square inche so makes a warmer robe. We cut the meat ourselves and it’s big job even with...
  5. Phil Coffins

    1851 or 1860 barrel?

    Cylinder gap should be small, I like .003” on mine.
  6. Phil Coffins

    Colt 1860 Army (1861)

    These marks at the front of the wedge hole in the arbor would appear to be a period repair. tight... So that would make this pistol not a study piece on how Colt built them. Still a solid old gun and a shows how a very old well made gun can be serviceable today. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Phil Coffins

    Issue with an original Belgian cap lock.

    Wonderful photos! Gus has given excellent advice, there isn’t anything to add to his.
  8. Phil Coffins

    Kibler barrel vs GPR barrel

    Thanks this should make it easier for anyone to understand the price difference.
  9. Phil Coffins

    Barrel crud

    Have you been using Ballistol? Using it I had the same problem.
  10. Phil Coffins

    To cut Damascus Percussion Shotgun, or not to cut ?

    Cut the barrel and have another hacked gun, leave it be and have a real old time piece of history. I’d leave it be.
  11. Phil Coffins

    Trail-cam pictures.

    It's nice to know who's been wandering by the porch. 015 (2) by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr
  12. Phil Coffins

    A Brace of Dragoon Pistols

    Clean and simple, very nice.
  13. Phil Coffins

    Colt Navy Pistol

    I agree with Olut, the lack of marking on the frame and the shape of the grips are red flags to me. Check the rifling, it should be gain twist.
  14. Phil Coffins

    Cast ductile steel barrel

    I used to machine ductile cast iron but haven’t heard of ductile steel. Are you sure of the steel?
  15. Phil Coffins

    Lock Tuning

    As above plus lightly polish the shaft that runs threw the coil main spring.
  16. Phil Coffins

    Colt 1860 Army (1861)

    Fine job again. Since this 1860 appears to be so solid it would be of interest me if you would check how the wedge fits in terms of tightness and if the arbor bottoms out in the barrel. I’ve only had the opportunity to inspect a few and this has become a common question here.
  17. Phil Coffins

    Stuck wedge

    Before I would worry about the scratches the fit of the wedge should be dealt with. Otherwise you will soon be in the same condition with bunged up gun.
  18. Phil Coffins

    Inherited old muzzleloader

    Nice midwest rifle, you should still check to see if it’s loaded. It common to find these old guns with a load in them.
  19. Phil Coffins

    Lock problem

    Glenn that’s a handy chart. A lock is a pretty complex device and all those parts must work in harmony for best results. How many of us noticed the two parts that aren’t noted on the chart?
  20. Phil Coffins

    Lock problem

    That’s good.