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  1. Critter Getter

    First Flintlock Iowa Buck

    I was able to wrap my tag around this Iowa Whitetail Buck using my flintlock. Although I have taken a couple of does with my flinter that last few years this is my first buck. Over the course of 38 years or so I have taken several bucks and does with a number of percussion rifles. Just got the...
  2. Critter Getter

    2019 Iowa

    filled my landowner doe tag this morning. The old .50 cal Hatfield that I bought back around 1983 still shoots true.......
  3. Critter Getter

    Pedersoli Frontier

    I just checked Pedersoli’s website and they don’t list any Frontier rifles anymore. Did they discontinue the Frontier?? Greg
  4. Critter Getter

    My sons first weekend with flinter

    My son came to the farm this past weekend and we were able to do a little hunting, fishing, and shooting. Just a great time! He wanted to shoot a flintlock so I pulled out my favorite flinter and we had a great time. I treasure these times.......... Greg
  5. Critter Getter

    SOLD Thompson Center Cherokee Barrel

    Up for sale is a factory TC Cherokee .45 cal barrel. I took this off a Seneca that I had recently purchased. The barrel looks to be in nice shape inside and out and will come with its ramrod as well. I believe the under rib had to be modified to fit the Seneca and it fit very nicely. $199 plus...
  6. Critter Getter

    Bullet Trap for Muzzleloaders

    Have any of you use or have ever built a bullet trap to use for your muzzleloaders as a way to capture the lead to reuse? If so, what size,style, and steel thickness does it take to be effective? Greg
  7. Critter Getter

    Percussion Cap Question

    Havent given much thought to it in the last 40 years or so of shooting BP guns, but what powder type is inside the percussion caps like CCI? Is it just as corrossive as all black powder is? Greg. :)
  8. Critter Getter

    I've Never Wanted A Smoothie, but...

    Iowa doesn't allow turkey hunting with a BP rifle and I have been wanting to take one with a muzzleloader for quite a long time so my question here is............ Which would you buy, a smooth long gun from say Tip Curtis or have a smooth barrel made for one of my many half stock guns like a GPR...
  9. Critter Getter

    Black Powder Shops Near Tampa?

    Anybody know of any? My Mother fell and broke her hip so I am spending an extended time down in the Sunshine State helping tend to her. Thanks! Greg. :)
  10. Critter Getter

    Iowa to Virginia Muzzleloader Shops

    Heading out to Winchester, Virginia to visit my daughter and her family there. I will be traveling on I-80 I am guessing. I'm looking for suggestions on where to stop to visit tradional muzzleloader business/ shops along the way. I have found The Log Cabin Shop in Lodi, Ohio. Cabin Creek in PA...
  11. Critter Getter

    Flintlock vs Percussion #'s

    Just wondering of those that belong to muzzleloader clubs or take part in traditional shoots.........what do you think the ratio of flintlock vs percussion guns are? 40/60 percussion.......20/80 percussion? Just wondering as I have asked a couple of custom builders and surprised when they said...
  12. Critter Getter

    First Flintlock Deer!!

    Here is my first flintlock deer taken Friday during the Iowa Early Muzzleloader Season. This has been a long time coming as flintlock hunting for deer in all kinds of weather the last two seasons has put me on a learning curve that has been somewhat "trying" :) I took her at 30 yards with my...
  13. Critter Getter

    Wife's First BP Buck

    Although my wife has taken a couple of does with her bow and one yearling with a BP rifle in the last few years since she took up hunting, this is her first antlered buck. We spotted him a month ago running across our pasture but hadn't seen him since until yesterday afternoon. My wife Lorrie...
  14. Critter Getter

    Tip Curtis SMR

    [/URL][/img] I went to visit Tip Curtis on Monday while heading towards Lexington for the CLA Show. Well as those who have visited his Frontier Shop know, it's way to tempting there with all of his beautiful rifles he has there!! This .32 caliber 42" Green Mountain barrel SMR was just too...
  15. Critter Getter

    CLA Lexington, KY

    I'm headed to the CLA Show in Lexington KY next week Aug. 19-20. . It runs Friday and Saturday. I'm headed down a few days early. Where in TN or KY would ya all recommend I travel to for more entertainment. I have stopped a couple of times to visit with Tip Curtis and enjoy seeing his business...
  16. Critter Getter

    Pecatonica River Longrifle Supply

    Can someone please tell me the gentlemans name that owns Pecatonica River Longrifle Supply? I bought an awesome "kit" from him a couple of years ago but I had forgotten his name. Thanks! Greg. :)
  17. Critter Getter

    Last Day of Iowa Late Muzzleloader Deer Season

    Today is the last day of deer season in Iowa. -4 and a wind chill of -24 this morning. Brrrrrrrr. As much as I dream of the "olden days" years gone by , I sure am happy to come back to the house and turn up the heat while I eat a hot breakfast! :). Greg
  18. Critter Getter

    Original muzzleloader hunting/shooting ??

    How many of you shoot and/or hunt with original old muzzleloaders? I recently bought my first non-reproduction type black powder rifle. It looks like trigger work and a new nipple is in order to make it shoot. Do many hunt and shoot the old ones? Greg
  19. Critter Getter

    Muzzleloader for Wife

    What muzzleloaders do the women folk mostly shoot? My wife has shot some of mine and she enjoys the shorter Hawken style rifles over my longrifles. Easier to hold the shorter ones. She held a woman/ boys rifle recently at the CLA show. That was a longrifle with a 12 1/2" length of pull and a...
  20. Critter Getter

    Cabin Creek Yorktown Flintlock

    Just picked up a clean used flintlock today at the CLA show in Lexington, KY. It is a 54 caliber and has a Siler lock I believe. Does anyone have any experience with these muzzleloaders or Cabin Creek? Thanks. Greg. :)