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  1. THBailey

    Cali Turkey Countdown...

    Season opens Saturday. Who is going? What are you going to use for shot in our lead free paradise? I am going to load #5 bismuth/tin. The game cameras have been showing a few on the property.
  2. THBailey

    Wondering about muzzle velocity?

    Can anyone refer me to chrono testing data for muzzle loading shotguns? I am curious about different powders and granulation of powders effect on muzzle velocity. Thanks.
  3. THBailey

    Your big chance to get a bigun'...

    Thought you folks might find the pictures shown in these auctions interesting:
  4. THBailey

    One Down, Two To Go!

    Finally got lucky this morning. Big Ol' Boy came in with a bad limp, but amorous as always. Had the decoy about 15 yards out and when he got his head behind his fan I got the gun up and ready. Stretched his head up a bit and that was it. Pedersoli 20ga SxS with 1 1/16 oz Sphero Tungston over...
  5. THBailey

    Martignoni Percussion Caps?

    I went to an estate sale today and among other things picked up a small green tin of Martignoni caps, they appear to be 10 or 11. Made in Italy. I have never seen them before and was wondering if any of you folks know anything about them? Thanks so much.
  6. THBailey

    Bismuth Alloy and California Ducks

    Got my Bismuth/tin alloy #4 shot and managed to get a couple of ducks. Greenhead and a Drake Sprig. Killed them both in the air, about 40 yards or so. Seems to work OK. This shot looks a whole bunch better than bismuth I have tried in the past. (FYI: )
  7. THBailey

    Help With Shot Pouch Problem

    The bag and Irish Style shot spout have parted company. The bag ripped out a bit and started losing shot. I was able to take it apart, and I trimmed the pouch to square it up, but I am at a loss on how to put them back together. Instruction or referral to "how to" information would be most...
  8. THBailey

    TC New Englander 12ga Barrel

    Found a Unicorn! Brand new in the original box TC 12ga barrel kit.
  9. THBailey

    Cleaning your gun question?

    I shoot several hooked breech rifles and sxs shotguns. My cleaning protocol has been to remove the barrel(s) for cleaning and then a damp towel wipe down hammer/lock/tang areas otherwise leaving them in place. I pulled the lock plates on my 12ga Pedersoli sxs for the first time just to have a...
  10. THBailey

    Why a fouling shot when hunting question?

    The conventional advice I have heard is to use a fouling shot before shooting for effect. This means firing a shot in the morning before putting in your hunting load and then needing to unload at night before cleaning. Repeat for each, or at least every other, day of the hunt. I can not...
  11. THBailey

    Birdshot from smoothbore handgun?

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to get a sitting grouse worthy pattern at 15 or 20 yards from a 6 or 8 inch barrel smoothbore handgun? The season for them is on here in Cali for the first couple of weeks of the deer season and we often see them when hunting the high mountains. Thinking...
  12. THBailey

    California Spring Turkey Opens March 30: Who is going and what are you shooting?

    Thought it might be interesting for those of us stuck here in "No Lead Kalifornia" to compare notes on loads and, if we are lucky, results. I'm using my Pedersoli 12ga SxS loaded with 75gr 2f Goex, an over powder card wad, and then a 1/2 inch cushion wad, 1 1/2 oz of Sphero Tungston #7 shot in...
  13. THBailey

    SpheroTungsten Shot: Anyone tried it?

    Sitting here in "no lead for hunting" California and spring turkey season approaches. Contemplating trying Sphero Tungsten shot in my Pedersoli 12ga SxS. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this shot? This is an extremely hard tungsten based shot that is almost 40% denser than...
  14. THBailey

    Nipple Wear Question

    Back when I first started shooting my .54 New Englander I was told when the hammer rebounded to the half cock position when the gun was fired it was time to put in a new nipple. Just wondering how others decide when a new nipple is called for?
  15. THBailey

    Another Pedersoli SxS

    Well the Brown Truck finally brought it yesterday. A Pedersoli 20ga SxS purchased off of Gunbroker. The "BM" proofmark tells me it was made in 2004. The seller said it appeared unfired and I can't say he was wrong. It joins my 10ga and 12ga Pedersoli's to complete the collection. It sure...
  16. THBailey

    UPS Made My Day!

    I have a few cap guns, but my first flinter arrived today. It was on backorder with Midway seemed like forever. I was reading the cautions for the gun, and they said the gun might possibly go off by itself with a charge in the barrel but no primer in the pan. Could somebody smarter than me...
  17. THBailey

    New Toy- Euroarms 36 New Navy

    Picked this gun up on an online auction. It looks to be unfired and the general quality looks OK. Most all of what looks like blemishes in the photos is actually the preservative grease from, I assume, the factory. I have a few 44's but this is my first 36. Anyone shooting one of these...
  18. THBailey

    ITX Anyone?

    Spring turkey season is around the corner here in California and this will be the first time lead shot will be illegal to use on the big birds. The seller claims their ITX 10 shot is near heavy as lead but soft enough for classic double barrel shotguns. I am thinking of giving it a try in my...
  19. THBailey

    Loading Procedure Question

    When I first started front loading I was shown a technique of shoving down the main charge load until it seemed to bottom out, then pull the ram rod maybe half way up the barrel, and then throw it back down the bore, and do this until the rod starts to bounce back up and maybe even out of the...
  20. THBailey

    Barrel wedge sizing and fitting?

    A gun I recently acquired came to me without a barrel wedge. The wedge out of a TC New Englander is too small in width and thickness, it just drops into the stock and then wiggles both side to side and up and down. I don't have any bigger wedges in stock to test fit. A check on line at Track...