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    Double Bag

    Museum or presentation grade work. Your skill and attention to detail are awesome.
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    need help id'ing a caplock double shotgun

    They are both beautiful doubles but that German is outstanding. I hope you'll post full pictures and a story once you've goten and tried it.
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    Shotgun barrels ?

    What barrel characteristic did Rose Brothers patent? Thanks, .
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    Who Shoots Originals?

    Past tense, but a short barrelled 8 ga SxS (market gun?) threw a decent pattern - but is too much for my shoulder these days.
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    Who Shoots Originals?

    Spent a few years outside Spfld as a kid; I remeber the Armory well. Doubt I'll ever forget the "organ pipes", as I saw the ranked .58's.
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    Ruger Old Army value

    Hope it's still there for you. If not, I'm afraid you'll kick yourself for quite a while.
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    Tell me more about Bear Oil

    Side product of making Soylent Green,
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    Shotgun barrels ?

    Congratulations! That's the most amazing dumpster diving find I've heard of. The bores must be really eroded; the exterior shown looks pretty good and the nipples look usable.
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    Pedersoli Trade Gun ... 1st Time out...

    Even straight hickory can break. I replaced a mediocre generic hardwood rod with a used (seasoned) hickory one. Someone had scored a "full load" ring near the tapered end. I recognized a potential weak point but hoped that it was far enough out to avoid the main stress. It lasted a couple years...
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    if it'll fit, I'd add a ball screw. A very nice job. As first time inletting, it's amazing. Kudos for doing it traditionally.
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    Pops Knife

    Ayah. A bit futha noth, it's more like "lobstaw".
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    Pops Knife

    Ahya. Go a bit further north & it's abit more like "lobstaw'.
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    What can I use to increase moisture resistance of my stock?

    I use beeswax and Howard Feed-n-Wax. Withe the lockdown, I recoated it every time I got bored. Normally, I wax it every time, both surface and any recess I can reach) I clean the gun. but then i get bored easily.
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    How to carry a long rifle on a horse.

    Easy solution: get a sidecar for carrying your rifle - & all the other gear.
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    Dropping lead into water

    i wonder if dropping the hot balls into water could have deformed them, very slightly but enough to bind on loading?
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    How to stop misfires?

    I'm not really sure it helps but when I hammer my copper picks from stripped wire, I give them a square or triangular cross section s0 twisting them should scrape the touchhole clean. I also make sure they are long enough to touch the far wall of the bore w/out binding in the hole. I used a...
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    Need help Identifying “Martin Rifle Works”...

    Since you say you can, get the SBS while you're at it. The flint is very nice, but, given the choice, I'd probably get the shotgun. They seem to be underappreciated. What i can see of that one looks good and he obviously know his weapons and appears to have taken care of them. If the flint is an...
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    Can I use grease from cooking as patch lube?

    I found an outrageously expensive tub of bison tallow in an upscale grocery, but I was flush and curious so I got one. It works well for me as patch lube & was tasty for cooking (small experiment - too expensive for serious use, imho). Both mutton tallow and bear oil have worked well too. I...
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    Educate me on borescopes, please.

    If it helps anyone choose, the scope I use (& occasionally criticize) is a DEPSTECH model WF028. Since I got it for other inspections (it's far longer than needed for bore inspection), I guess I really can't complain too loudly.