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  1. Phil Coffins

    Making wood grips

    For those interested in making grips for Colt style grips here’s how I do it. I believe most anyone can. like better wood on my Colts so I make them this way. Step one: remove the grip frame and if needed smooth and flatten the sides, as little as possible. IMG_0665 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr...
  2. Phil Coffins

    WANTED Steel 1/4” X 28 tpi nipple

    I’m putting an original rifle that was found in a wall back together. One of the parts needed to make it suitable as a wall hanger is a steel nipple. All I have are stainless and that would look out of place. A worn out, battered, and or rusty one would be fine or I can make a nice one that has...
  3. Phil Coffins

    1860 Experiment

    I've done a lot of tinkering with this Pietta 1860 and today tested the latest. I reduced the barrel cylinder gap from the factory .010" to .0025" to see if how fouling would be affected. After 18 shots the pistols action is just as easy as before firing at all. I hadn't brought enough...
  4. Phil Coffins

    Patterson video

    I found this to be informative. Hope it works for you as well.
  5. Phil Coffins

    silver plate

    My replica 1862 police is a nice looking pistol. But looking at the pictures of originals and reading about the details it became clear the grip frame needs silver plated! Found on the internet magic lotions claiming to put real sliver onto copper based alloys and ordered it. Short story I...
  6. Phil Coffins

    ramrod retainer

    I've been shooting this double barrel shotgun since 1977 and today after cleaning it decided to add a ramrod retaining pin. I haven't had any real problems up to this point but thought it would be a nice detail. I drilled a .060" hole in the under rib and tapped a short piece of .062" rod into...
  7. Phil Coffins

    Colt wood grips, how to

    I like better wood on my Colts so I make them this way. Step one: remove the grip frame and smooth and flatten the sides, as little as possible. IMG_0665 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr Step two: select the wood and cut to over size. A piece that is about 1 1/4" allows you to match the grain but...
  8. Phil Coffins

    beat by a little girl

    We had our monthly match on Sunday and I was feeling pretty good about my shooting. My scores on for each target were in the forty's which should give me a high aggerate. My buddy brought a 16 year old girl with him that had never shot a muzzle loader and only a 22 rifle on a couple of...
  9. Phil Coffins

    Kibler Colonial

    I like many of us wondered if these kits by Jim Kibler are really worth the money. So as a birthday gift to myself I ordered one and received it just in time for this lock down. Now at just over three weeks it's already been shot some. The maple stock is stained with aquafortis after whiskering...
  10. Phil Coffins


    How can Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana be considered Midwest! If this ain’t the west then why do we wear these funny clothes.
  11. Phil Coffins

    Lyman GP pistol

    As much as I like these pistols there's always ways to improve them. This one got a reworked breech plug and the hammer bent to better line up on the nipple. The three pieces were polished and casting lines removed then color case hardened. The hammer improved the most by removing that sand...
  12. Phil Coffins

    Color case hardening

    My apprentice doing the quench. Thought it may entertain you click to play video. MVI_0507 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr
  13. Phil Coffins

    SOLD Flask

    Colt Walker/dragoon flask. Adjustable spout with ball compartment, slightly used in fine shape. $50 shipped. I will accept postal money order only.
  14. Phil Coffins

    1862 police by Uberti

    Got my 2019 made Uberti in the mail yesterday. Looks very nice out of the box but before even cocking it I did a complete disassembly. Fit and finish inside and out is quite good with nearly no machine marks. The base pin to barrel length is just right although the hole in the barrel assembly is...
  15. Phil Coffins

    Lyman pistol, getting ready

    At our last club match I suggested that many of us have a hand gun so we might drop one rifle target and add one hand gun target. Since we score each target alone we could shoot the pistol during the monthly match and add a bit of variety. Most every one thought that was a good idea but how to...
  16. Phil Coffins

    WANTED Lyman Great Plains lock

    Wanted a right hand percussion lock for a Lyman rifle. For those that have up graded to an after market lock a chance to get rid of the stock one! Will buy out right or trade a Longs lock made for the Lyman rifle. It’s used but in good shape. We can exchange photos and come to terms as needed.
  17. Phil Coffins

    Fort Lupton Trappersdays A Colorado event coming up.
  18. Phil Coffins

    SOLD 54 Calibre trade rifle

    Full stock hand built by Bruce Forman. Curly maple, brass trimmed, 32" browned barrel, color case hardened lock. Siler lock and Davis double set triggers. Appears unfired and in very good condition. Handles very well even for a left handed shooter like me. Comes with case shown $800 plus...
  19. Phil Coffins

    SOLD Zouave with baoynet

    A lightly reworked musket with bayonet, and sling (not shown) The stock has been stripped of the synthetic finish and smoothed up before linseed oil finished. The lock has been tuned for a better trigger pull and after removing the casting lines has been color case hardened with wood and bone...
  20. Phil Coffins

    Traditions rifle up grade

    In a earlier tread I built this Traditions Kentucky for a buddy. Then lately I fitted a bridle to a Traditions lock. At that time I noticed the tumbler is made to except a fly. So it seemed like a bridle and fly would improve the rifle and allow double set triggers to be fitted. Having an old...