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  1. Banjoman

    .480 round ball accuracy?

    Check out my thread “Wacky Shooting “ in the percussion rifle section for a different and historically correct loading method using wasp nest for wadding. I get good accuracy out to 50 yards using different size round balls in my .50 caliber rifles.
  2. Banjoman

    My shooting gear

  3. Banjoman

    18th century round ball size

    I have seen contents of old original possibles bags with rifles in museums and online. Sometimes there were round balls in them of different sizes. Also present sometimes was some cloth and maybe a bullet mold. Never saw an old original short starter. What got me to thinking about all this...
  4. Banjoman

    18th century round ball size

    I did some more digging on this site and found some discussion from 2017 about loading blocks and short starters. One person mentioned that folks in the 18th and 19th centuries probably used looser patch and ball combinations than we do today. That’s what I had long suspected. Anyway, I prefer...
  5. Banjoman

    18th century round ball size

    I just never could imagine Daniel Boone pounding on a short starter in the middle of a fight. And I don’t mean to sound sarcastic. Just discussing.
  6. Banjoman

    18th century round ball size

    Yep, I’m fairly certain they didn’t walk into a trading post with a pair of calipers to get just the right size pillow ticking. I’m thinking patch or wadding material would have been at least somewhat inconsistent and probably varied. And when facing an enemy, either 2 or 4 legged, I doubt...
  7. Banjoman

    18th century round ball size

    I’ve tried to find some information on a question with little success. Did folks in the 18th century and early 19th century use smaller sized round balls in rifles than us modern folks use? I’ve been experimenting some with smaller sized round balls in my riles than is normally used and like...
  8. Banjoman

    Crow shooting.

    Very cool!
  9. Banjoman

    Fowlers Powder Flask

  10. Banjoman

    Fowlers Powder Flask

    Cool. What is it made of?
  11. Banjoman


    Yo JackP! If you’d like to read something that may be interesting, check out my thread “Wacky Shooting “ in the percussion rifle section. I’ve tried lots of different wadding in smoothbores and rifles. Lots of stuff works, some better than others.
  12. Banjoman

    The Tennessee Rifle

    I’m from East Tennessee and shoot a Traditions Kentucky rifle. I call it my HMR (hillbilly mountain rifle). 😄
  13. Banjoman

    New measure

    Thanks. I went with the shape of the piece of antler. I’ve made several things like measures, buttons, short starter handles and patch knives from deer and elk antler. Antler is durable and looks good I think.
  14. Banjoman

    First build a Traditions Kentucky in 50 cal.

    What ramrod did you use in it?
  15. Banjoman

    I've been CHALLENGED !!

    I was rooting fer Mrs BPMS😞
  16. Banjoman

    Unknown single barrel Fowler?

    I squirrel hunt with a .62 caliber Fusil de Chasse. I use 65gr of 2f, a wad of wasp nest or brown paper, 65gr of #6 shot and topped off with another wad of wasp nest or brown paper. I prime with same powder. Never missed a squirrel yet and I’ve shot a bunch.
  17. Banjoman

    New to forum

    Howdy from East Tennessee
  18. Banjoman

    Do you need a persona?

    I plink and hunt with flintlock and percussion muzzleloaders almost exclusively. Some are historically correct, some ain’t. Some of my accouterments are historically correct, some ain’t. I don’t go to rendezvous or participate in competitions but I do enjoy going to Martins Station every...
  19. Banjoman

    New measure

    yep. Mine too.