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  1. William Sublette

    Bison Hunting

    I just want to eat a buffalo. If I have to shoot it with a .58 plains rifle, so much the better. Anyone that knows of ranches offering a good deal on a fat cow, feel free to list it here. A traditional muzzleloader forum ought to have a "go to" bison thread.
  2. William Sublette

    Kit Carson rendezvous 2021

    Tell us more about it.
  3. William Sublette

    WANTED Lee .562 round ball mold

    If you found one for $35 you better jump on it.
  4. William Sublette

    Kibler Hawken?

    Not having a Plains/Mountain/Hawken rifle available in your lineup is like running a bar with no beer for sale.
  5. William Sublette

    Pipe in the possibles bag

    I'm more interested in which modern day tobacco tastes the best, and has a good shot of nicotine.
  6. William Sublette

    Made a powder measure out of an Antler. Need more antlers

    Why are some humans fascinated with antler? And others.....not so much?
  7. William Sublette

    TRADE Obsidian for pipestone

    5lbs + or - My scale is not certified.
  8. William Sublette

    Flint Knives

    I took apart 4 pronghorns with a couple of obsidian flakes one-time just to see what it was about. It was no handicap. In fact it seemed rather efficient, and easy.
  9. William Sublette

    TRADE Obsidian for pipestone

    Lol, I'll go weigh them.
  10. William Sublette

    TRADE Obsidian for pipestone

    I'm afraid I don't. I've never seen any in person. Thanks for looking.
  11. William Sublette

    TRADE Obsidian for pipestone

    Anything big enough to make a real pipe out of. And absorb the slings, and arrows of my learning curve.
  12. William Sublette

    What did you do today

    Good thread :thumb: It was a real busy day here, I made up 15lbs of elk jerky for a friend that's done a couple of good favors for me recently. Then I did some research on which pipe tobacco has good flavor, and good nicotine levels. You never know when that knowledge might come in handy.
  13. William Sublette

    TRADE Obsidian for pipestone

    I have 4 tennis/baseball sized pieces of obsidian left. I picked these up in the black rock desert of Northern NV. I would like to trade them for a like quantity of pipestone. Thanks
  14. William Sublette

    Yellow Flummery

    Never heard of it, so off to Google. Here's what I found: So I’ve reached this conclusion: If you want to make flummery, unless you have an uncle who lives in Russia or who fishes the North Atlantic, and who would be willing to send you some sturgeon or cod bladders, the chances of finding...
  15. William Sublette

    Is there printed route of the Oregon trail?

    I don't care about the Oregon trail in itself, I just want to trace the route the the fur traders took to green river country next time I go hunting in WY. It's just easier to say Oregon trail, and folks know what your talking about.
  16. William Sublette

    Stuck balls!

    Old guys with time and money can turn any molehill into a mountain.