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  1. Don Steele

    NMLRA - Spring 2021 Forum Woodswalk

    OUTSTANDING ..!! Both your score, and that of the young man you're bringing along into a fine sport.
  2. Don Steele

    NMLRA - Spring 2021 Forum Woodswalk

    That is Great shooting 1st Sgt. !! Congratulations. I ended up just "blowing in and out" for a quick visit to shop and visit with Tippy Curtis. Didn't bring home a new rifle, never registered and didn't fire a shot. The weather was awful, and I congratulate those who put that aside and hung in...
  3. Don Steele

    .50 Caliber 48" Twist Heaviest Bullet

    385 gn Hornady "Great Plains", hollow base, hollow point hunting bullet loaded over 90 gns 2f Goex. T/C factory 1:48 twist barrel with improved ( Non-T/C) iron sights. Ragged one-hole groups off a rest at 50 yds, and excellent performance on game ( hogs and deer).
  4. Don Steele

    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    Congratulations on finding a niche that has caught your attention and pursuing that interest. I'm going to share some thoughts and apologize if I'm telling you things you already know, but I don't know what your experience level is so please bear with me. This is quite coincidental to me, as I...
  5. Don Steele

    Dry lubed patches

    Shelf life..?? ABSOLUTELY Make them up as needed. I haven’t done a study to quantify the decay but a year stored in ziplock bags is definitely too long.
  6. Don Steele

    NMLRA - Spring 2021 Forum Woodswalk

    Thanks Barry...I'll do that. I'm supposed to be A11, in a tent.
  7. Don Steele

    Best methods pouring round balls and/or gear recommendations

    Based on my experience casting both modern alloyed metal bullets and lead roundballs I'd have to say that ADK Bigfoot and Musketeer have covered it pretty well. I'm going to add a coupla thoughts: 1.) Don't put anything but scrupulously clean lead in a bottom pour pot. I do all my cleaning and...
  8. Don Steele

    NMLRA - Spring 2021 Forum Woodswalk

    Hi Barry. I'm definitely planning to be in Friendship on Friday/Saturday but staying beyond that is questionable. I don't have the flexibility this year to stay around for several days. I don't have any plans to stay on into the week and shoot multiple events. Even if I'm still there Sunday...
  9. Don Steele

    M&G Lock

    Eric, Apparently you and I had the same conversation about M&G locks with Tip..!!
  10. Don Steele

    NMLRA - Spring 2021 Forum Woodswalk

    Sorry to hear that Smo. I’ll say a prayer for your wife to have successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
  11. Don Steele

    2021 NMLRA Spring Shoot - Newbie questions!

    S/F, Just coming by the grounds to stroll around, shop, and generally "visit" with folks is a GREAT idea. You'll get more knowledge, and be able to put your hands on a wider variety of muzzleloading firearms there, than just about any other venue I can think of. Many of the biggest names in...
  12. Don Steele

    Pops Knife

    Mark, good observation, spot on my friend. ;) In the case of my Father's knife it's definitely a combination of all three. I spent a bit over 25 years of my working life in Beef slaughter and processing. I've worked quality knives down to mere slivers of what they were when new from daily use...
  13. Don Steele

    Pops Knife

    For as long as I can remember in my childhood, this was my Father’s “ Deer Knife”. Dad didn’t shoot muzzleloaders and this isn’t a particularly traditional product. Imported from Germany, ( the blade is marked “Imco Implement” on one side and “ Solingen Germany “ on the other. it’s a knife you...
  14. Don Steele

    Ballistol Substitute

    Mobilmet S122 works for me in all respects where I would otherwise use Ballistol. Last time I searched for it online, I was only able to find it in 5 gallon pails. All smaller units were "out of stock". Joel and Lowell Gard ( aka: The Bevel Brothers) were offering it in both pint and quart sized...
  15. Don Steele

    Bench shooting tips for dummies (me!)

    Pathfinder.... So long as you're still able to'll do well. I don't do very much shooting off the bench but when I do...I have learned that in order to generate results that have any real meaning, I need to plan to do it a LOT before drawing any conclusions. My results ALWAYS improve...
  16. Don Steele

    1,200 Yard .45 Cal Sidelock (Rice Barrels 1:17 Twist)

    OUTSTANDING report. Thank you for sharing what can be accomplished by focusing on every detail.
  17. Don Steele

    25 Yards - 100 yards more powder ?

    50 is a good place to be "dead on". That said...once you get that load established, shoot it at 20-30 yds because that's very likely the range you'll be shooting your hog from. One of my buddies down here in Florida shot his last hog at 7 yds. The pig walked right under his stand. Last one I...
  18. Don Steele

    48" Twist .50 Heaviest Bullets

    In a T/C factory 1:48 twist, 50 cal. barrel the Hornady 385 gn "Great Plains" bullet has been the largest, best shooting and the best performing on game bullet that I've ever found.
  19. Don Steele

    Priming Powder

    I'm not sure I understand how having a separate priming powder is "a waste". It all gets used and properly stored blackpowder will likely outlast you and me. That said....go ahead on and crush to your heart's content if that works for you. Oh, and btw: finer priming powder isn't "supposed to...
  20. Don Steele

    Dutch Schoutz

    Thanks for the update.