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  1. andy52

    Just finished another shooting bag.

    Just finished up this bag for a friend. I did a weeping heart inlay and lined it with a dark brown canvas. It has two small inner compartments, the horn isn't that special and was one he had so I used it. I think the next one I'll do will be with a cross of Loreen in blue with decorative wool...
  2. andy52

    Trying a new Tomahawk handle.

    Never used Osage Orange for a handle before but as tough as this wood is it should make a good one. I've never worked with this wood before and wasn't sure how to darken it. I know if you leave it out in the sun it will darken on its own. I didn't want to wait that long so I decided to try...
  3. andy52

    Allen Hawken rifle.

    after reading Phil Meeks articles on Hawken rifles I saw this one and just had to have it. It's not a GRRW but it's pretty nice none the less.
  4. andy52

    Arrow Sash.

    I got this arrow sash yesterday it's 6"x 9' I'm pretty sure it's wool but I'm not sure if it was finger woven or machine made but it's nice either way.
  5. andy52

    Dueling Pistols

    I've wanted a nice set of dueling pistols for a long time and finally decided it was time to get them. I bought this set of Pedersoli Le Page flints last week they have not been fired and I'm not sure I will fire them unless I'm challenged to a duel... ;)
  6. andy52

    reproducing a lock.

    I'm working on a rifle and I need to have a lock made, I have the side plate but need someone to reproduce a lock with the same dimensions. If anyone here knows someone who does this kind of work or has contact info it would be a big help.
  7. andy52

    Rifle blanket scabbard.

    Just finished this today. I had bought a four-point Whitney blanket a while back it had some moth holes in it so it was pretty cheap and I didn't mind cutting it up. It's a Hawken length at right about 46 inches. I gave it a 12 piece of leather on the muzzle end for protection and a 2 1/2 cuff...
  8. andy52

    Shooting bag.

    I just finished up this bag for a friend's grandson who's just getting into muzzleloading. Figured he might as well have a decent bag to start with I included a horn and short starting along with it. I made it with sinch straps so it's adjustable in lenght. The young man is only 15 and I don't...
  9. andy52

    Brass plates on a tomahawk

    I've made several tomahawks before with cutouts in the blades and decorative hafts but I'm looking to do one with engraved brass plates on the head. My question is what is the best way to attach the plates to the head? Which would be stronger silver solder, brazing or screws? This would not just...
  10. andy52

    Stock ID

    I bought this stock with barrel yesterday the price was reasonable enough and it appears to be a kit gun of some sort. Most of the inletting is finished but I was hoping one of you might be able to tell what company it's made by. It didn't come with any furniture so it would be helpful in...
  11. andy52

    New to me powder horn

    I picked up this powder last week I have no idea how old it is or who made it. Whoever made this horn was was pretty skilled at horn making and scrimshaw. It's got a few worm nibbles on it but none go completely through the horn. Now I need to make a bag to go with it.
  12. andy52

    very old caplock.

    A friend of mine called me yesterday and said he had something he wanted to give me, I told him sure stop by I'm in the shop. He comes in carrying this huge rifle and said I know you like muzzleloaders and I wanted to give you this. I was stunted by the size of this rifle. It's a 36 cal. with a...
  13. andy52

    Chas Osborne back lock SXS.

    I noticed a local auction coming up in a few weeks has a Chas Osborne 12ga muzzleloader back lock SXS. I know nearly nothing about these shotguns and was wondering if it's worth my effort to have a look at it. The only thing I have to go on is the photo posted buy the auctioneers. The gun...
  14. andy52

    Pedersoli Kentucky upgrade.

    I bought this pistol last month from DGW. I got the finished pistol due to the price. I didn't like the blued barrel so I stripped the finish and browned it yesterday. I wasn't to keen on the sights that it came with so after the browning process I replaced them with a set I got from TOW. Just...
  15. andy52

    Pedersoli Kentucky pistol.

    Got my delivery from DGW which included the new pistol. I was planning on ordering a kit later in the year but when making the order on the other things I saw that they had a complete pistol on sale for only 20 bucks more then the kit. The gun isn't bad for the price and throws a good spark...
  16. andy52

    Got a call from DGW this morning.

    They're finally shipping the order I made 5 weeks ago. I did appreciate the call however they asked if it would be alright to ship UPS rather then USPS. I told them absolutely yes I'd trust UPS to get it here in a reasonable length of time vs USPS. They told me do to the order having a firearm...
  17. andy52

    Black powder arrived.

    I ordered 4 lbs of powder from Grafs a couple of weeks ago and received it yesterday. Considering the current condition I though that was a reasonable turn around time.
  18. andy52

    WANTED Flask Head.

    Just checking to see if anyone has a flask head laying around they would part with. I'm making a elk antler pistol flask and need a complete head. Size need to be 1 inch or 1 3/16 anything bigger won't work. I can get these through DGW and other places but thought I'd try here first.
  19. andy52

    Horn in progress.

    I had post a question about applied bands on a horn a few days ago but didn't get any info so I decided to just cut what bands I can get on the horn. So far I've trimmed down the spout and started one band. The next step will not be as deep and is mainly for a slot to hold the strap. I haven't...
  20. andy52

    Advice from horn builders.

    I've got this little horn that I would like to make for a day horn. It's about 11 inches on the outside curve and probably would hold about 1/2 pound of powder. It's a really nice amber color and will look good when finished. Here's the question I've made horns before but never a banded one...