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  1. leverfred

    WITHDRAWN 1851 for sale near mint.

    Closed. Withdrawn.
  2. leverfred

    SOLD "New" Southern Mountain 50 cal

    Very nice. Love the wood!
  3. leverfred

    WITHDRAWN 1851 for sale near mint.

    7 1/2" barrel. I can do paypal plus4% or postal money order.
  4. leverfred

    WITHDRAWN 1851 for sale near mint.

    Lets try 325.00 shipped.
  5. leverfred

    SOLD Pecatonia River underhammer

    Pm replied to. Sold pending funds. Thank you.
  6. leverfred

    SOLD Pecatonia River underhammer

    Yes 13/16 inch barrel 32 in Long
  7. leverfred

    WITHDRAWN 1851 for sale near mint.

    Purchased from member here, decided it was not for me. 36 caliber in near mint condition with sleeve and box. Asking 350.00 shipped.
  8. leverfred

    SOLD Pecatonia River underhammer

    I have an underhammer it is complete kit in 36 caliber with everything including curly maple wood. Paid 580.00 plus shipping asking 500.00 shipped. 32" barrel length. Draw filed barrel and action. Needs final polishing if needed.
  9. leverfred

    .69 Underhammer is getting closer

    Very nice. I am making a 36.
  10. leverfred

    If you could have an original.........

    Vincent in 35 caliber.
  11. leverfred

    SOLD Chisels For Wood Carving

    I have the exact same names chisels and they are excellent and holds an edge very well by stropping to touch up.
  12. leverfred

    Mailed out Stickers

    Ok, thank you very much.
  13. leverfred

    What's the one muzzleloader you regret parting with most?

    I just sold my Leman 40 in excellent condition to another member here. Regret selling it already.
  14. leverfred

    Mailed out Stickers

    Yes, you should have it as when i pay with paypal my address shows up to seller.
  15. leverfred

    Mailed out Stickers

    Have not received mine yet.
  16. leverfred

    CLOSED WTB -- .36 Maxi-Ball Mold (Ohio)

    Dawg, when i get home i will see if i still have one for a 32.
  17. leverfred

    Info on under hammer action

    That looks like a Billinghurst! If it is, it is well worth finding the right person to repair that. All that cracked part does is hold the action to the barrel.