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  1. Bearkiller

    New to me rifle

    It is a custom .50 caliber in the southern mountain rifle style made by Bob Gass in 2011. The barrel is a 42" straight octagon measuring 7/8" across the flats. It is iron mounted and all parts are browned. The trigger is a double set, and the length of pull to the forward trigger is 13.75"...
  2. Bearkiller

    16 gauge

    I friend gave this to me about 30 years ago just dug it out of the closet any idea where and when this was built?
  3. Bearkiller

    CVA double barrel 12 ga

    A friend just bought one of these and wondered if he can shoot patched round ball out of it?
  4. Bearkiller

    I'm Still Shaking! Placed Order for Rifle

    Yep I went and did it. I hit the "Place Order" button on TOTW for a Christian's Spring, Pennsylvania Longrifle! Check it out! This is my third flinter but my first custom. I've been looking for a custom rifle for years and this one had all the features I could ask for just hope my enthusiasm...
  5. Bearkiller

    H&R Springfield Stalker .45

    A friend of mine just stopped by from TX and gave me this rifle! It's in very nice condition. Can't find much about it online just wondering if any of you folks might have one or know anything about it. So far I've found out that it was made in the '70,s but the rate of twist is in question.
  6. Bearkiller

    The James P. Beckwourth Rifle

    Did a search and didn't see this posted before. Thought this was an amazing article Link
  7. Bearkiller

    Traditions Classic Musket line

    Check out their new line of muskets Link
  8. Bearkiller

    Traditions Musket Kits

    Not sure if anyone has seen these yet Don't recall seeing musket kits before....
  9. Bearkiller

    Hey There!

    Just joined. Already found some great info! Planning on getting back into shooting after a few years off. I’m nursing a broken hip these last three weeks so I’ve had plenty of time to surf the net lately. My first taste of black powder happened 37 years ago when my dad bought me a CVA Kentucky...