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  1. deerstalkert

    finally ate crow! stuck patched jag.

    had to put a new sight on my favorite Hawken today after this mornings session. went back to my range to zero/file the new sight. found i had left my .50 cal tools back at the shop. being the lazy old dog i am i just used a 45cal jag out of the bottom of my possibles bag on my hickory ram rod...
  2. deerstalkert

    CLOSED flintlock wanted

    would like to get a good flintlock. have many things that go bang to trade. can't mention them here but pm me. let's talk. quality and value dictate what i have to trade. if this post breaks any rule scrub it.
  3. deerstalkert

    WANTED want buffalo bullet co 310 grain ball-ets

    i have a 54 cal hawken that loves these. if anyone has some laying around i'd surely like to get some more. buy, trade, steal :ghostly: stock #54310. be safe and make smoke!
  4. deerstalkert

    the smell of Black in the morning!

    spent the morning shooting my 54 hawken's . one at this months fun target. shooting at is operative. my bride of 51 years comes into the kitchen, where i have been lovingly swabbing barrels and thinking, Boy i love the smell of BP!, and lovey says, boy that stinks!. might not make 52...
  5. deerstalkert

    paper cartridges in my 51 navy

    while sitting here needing something to do, i cruised into the dark realm of blackpowder mystics on youtube. big mistake! i have had a 51 navy for about 15 years and a walker about the same length of time. both have maybe 3 cylinders fired through them. i detested the loading procedure. i...
  6. deerstalkert

    shot in a .54 hawken barrel?

    has anyone used shot in a rifled barrel? i want to use a muzzle loader for turkey this spring but don't have a muzzleloading shotgun. yet.
  7. deerstalkert

    finally over the kung fu flu got out my 54

    shot one of my .54's today. 60 yards off hand trying different thickness of patches and different lube. despite shaking like a doberman passing a peach pit from being sick for 3 weeks with the kung fu flu, i hit the target . mostly. used .530 ball. a bore butter saturated .0120 patch first...
  8. deerstalkert

    need help id'ing a caplock double shotgun

    have had no luck identifying a percussion shotgun i am looking at to buy. only have a few pictures with no makers marks visible. my eyes are rolling back in my head from every obscure web site so i came to the experts. hopefully i can figure out posting pics.
  9. deerstalkert

    to 58 or not to 58, that is the question

    all these years i have only gone as big as 54 cal . have an offer of a 58. not sure yet all the details of what the rifle is but am wondering just what benefits i would get from 58? what is if any the down side? thanks and keep smoking!
  10. deerstalkert

    buck and ball in a rifled barrel?

    got to thinking after watching a movie that must have had a 500.00 budget that i have never shot a buck and ball load. are they limited to smooth bores or will they work in a 54 rifle. thanks.
  11. deerstalkert

    best laid plans

    thought i'd burn some charcoal today between rain showers. got out the walker and my 51 navy. pulled them apart and lubed prior to going out. the 51's trigger wouldn't and the cylinder misaligned. tore it apart and the trigger/bolt spring was broken just ahead of the screw. well I figured I...
  12. deerstalkert

    rather be lucky than handsome!

    sitting around contemplating the meaning of life this morning and remembered a muzzleloader a friend gave me a while back. then I got to wondering if I had cleaned it properly last time I shot it. went looking for it and found it in the office closet with some other seldom used guns. not as my...
  13. deerstalkert

    why I like shooting muzzle stuffers

    today I shot my cabelas' stainless Hawken style 54. 90-100g ffg and prb gave me a 1.5 inch group at 50m. for 10 shots. i'm ready for bear. while sitting having lunch it came to me why I enjoy muzzle loaders so much. instant gratification! I load the powder charge I want to try, smack a...
  14. deerstalkert

    A great friend and part of my heart

    Maybe some will find this inappropriate for this thread but here goes. My sweetheart of a Lab went West yesterday. She loved hunting grouse with me , and whenever I shot targets would run out and retrieve the patches wherever they fell. She suffered multiple injury's from the time she was a lil...
  15. deerstalkert

    Need to Id a hawken

    Just bought a 54 hawken style with a black composite stock, and all furniture and barrel is stainless. Octagon barrel . Supposed to be a investarms via Cabelas but the octagon barrel I can't find. Thanks for any and all info. More curious then anything. New to the forum but have been burning...