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  1. tenngun

    Fuse or not?

    Multi definitions Woman did go to sea with their men. And women had kids onboard. While birthing a gun could be fired off, hoping it eased the labor While in port ‘ships wives’ would come aboard when the ship was ‘out of discipline’. Blankets could be rigged tween guns giving a couple a bit of...
  2. tenngun

    Last Dec 31 post of forward to finished rifle.

    Perfect…… But where is the flintlock????😊 Very fine looking gun, almost too pretty to shoot…. Not
  3. tenngun

    Bison Hunting

    As a Trauma nurse about once every three years I get some one hurt by buff on a farm. About three times what I see for cattle injuries. And there are not three times as many buffs in this area. Buff were big herd animals. Not the same as deer or even elk. Even in the wild it was easier to hunt...
  4. tenngun

    Brand new .54 cal Green mountain barrel. Disgusting!

    I’m one of those grumpy old curmudgeons, but I think that applies to black powder cleaning, not the cleaning of packing grease out of a new barrel
  5. tenngun

    I have a serious question about the use of the Enfield rifle in the American Civil War.

    Didn’t they suffer some 60% causulties? While Crimea was horrific they suffered little lower causulties percentage then the WBTS Allied forces that attacked Normandy with machine guns field mortars, and breechloaders had about the same causulties as Gettysburg or Waterloo where all three fights...
  6. tenngun

    Do you prefer a smoothbore over rifles?

    I agree about ‘blander’ in taste, although many recipes we know of were rich flavored but I don’t know about lower calorie. Of course they worked hard. British and American naval rations were about three-thirty five hundred calories a day. Just as a base, a pound of pork or beef, ships bread...
  7. tenngun

    Fuse or not?

    Sailors were often bare foot as historic shoes use melting ice as soles. Part of ‘clearing for action’ was throwing sand on the decks for good footing.
  8. tenngun

    Re-brown a barrel

    LM can go on in a few days.
  9. tenngun

    Re-brown a barrel

    If you use LM, and it’s a product I like, when you do the barrel or small piece wipe once in one direction. You will see the wet looks a bit uneven, and be tempted to to rewipe. Or wipe backwards. Don’t do it!!!! It makes an ugly copper look:( and a ton of work to repair Follow the direction...
  10. tenngun

    1851 or 1860 barrel?

    I like a fantasy ‘51 in a.44, to me it’s the best looking of revolvers
  11. tenngun

    Do you prefer a smoothbore over rifles?

    Not spent my life living on the land. However I have spent a bit of time in the woods with out food, eating what I killed. I trekked from Grand Junction ( Fruita really) to Fort Bridger, then three years later and a bit moreHC from Fort Bridger to the south end of the Tetons, east to the wind...
  12. tenngun

    Fuse or not?

    The gun kit normally used bag, and shooters do today. But of old gun did have a spoon. Loose powder was loaded with the bottom down, then turned over when the loader hit the breech. When the wad was run down the rammer tapper it hard compressing it. They scooped right out of a keg😳. Umph I...
  13. tenngun

    Tee Pee Size

    Crow is set slimmer on a quad instead of tripod. Blackfoot and crow similar with smaller smoke flaps on the black foot and larger on the crow, not as big as chyanne and Sioux.
  14. tenngun

    18th century round ball size

    Boone is recorded by Audubon as having bought 200 count irish linen for his gun. Good cloth did get traded to post. They were not all corse cloth and take what they gots. Multi references from trading stations getting stuck with stuff they couldn’t sell
  15. tenngun

    Embroidery on coats

    Original Eastern style fancy work was often in geometric designs. But indians started imitating European floral designs in the east very early. The Great Lakes area would find floral very appealing. Even later in time when Buffalo hunters and frontier scouts and even cowboys sported a ‘Indian...
  16. tenngun

    Dolphin strikers and documentation, hmmm

    Have you tried the Alan Lewrie books, by Lambdin? If you liked Lucky Jack you will really like Ramcat Lewrie.
  17. tenngun

    Legal powder amount

    None unless it was buried. In a house it would blow out and up, not down in to the ground. Even blasting rock you drill a hole but your blast removes only as deep at the hole.
  18. tenngun

    Dolphin strikers and documentation, hmmm

    On the front of a ship was a spar, the bowsprit, guy lines- stays from the fore mast ran to this to steady the mast. About 1700 ships started to hang triangular sails off those stay Since there was upward pressure on the bowsprit they ran stays down to the stem on the bow of the ship Pretty...
  19. tenngun

    Lewis & Clark Powder Cannister

    😂 I understand it was four pounds of powder and eight pounds of lead. If you can toss twelve pounds in that half gallon size, far enough that your out of danger, you won’t have any thing to fear from a few dozen Indians
  20. tenngun

    Legal powder amount

    You can ‘identify’ as what ever you want to be. Born with a XY or XX, no mater what’s in your cells you can ‘identify’ as having the opposite, and no one can gain-say you. Glue a horn on your forehead your now a unicorn and everyone around you is forced to accept you as a unicorn or be...