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    Baby and cake

    ok so I fell in love with this double barrel (have posted on it before, but its home now and I was able to work in a deal for a 1863 Springfield lock/stock(ish) . any and all info on them would be great including price (double is non-working and will stay that way). for size reference my .54...
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    Cabela's rifle questions

    So I have this cabelas .54 rifle (left handed) and we are headed out to the local gunsmith tomorrow, I am still wondering if he can bore it out to say a 20 gauge (.615) or 28 (.550) or someplace in between to use for turkeys and small game. I also am interested in a barrel swap but to new to...
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    offer on double barrel

    So a couple of weeks ago I went alone for a ride to my buddies gun smith and was allowed to poke around his project pile. Found a double barrel shotgun(?) I thought it was a double 50 but he said shotgun so has to be pretty small.. non-working as it has paper thin barrel walls and one sides...
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    Fun times at a gunsmith

    got to go poke around a gunsmiths parts bin/project area today and found some fun things (and I kick myself for forgetting my phone at home).. investarm Zouave rifle (barrel and stock) missing the rest so not sure if it was a flint or a percussion, anyone know if/where parts could be found, I...
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    Flintlock to cap lock

    At the risk of starting a hate thread..a friend of friend said that the son of a friend of his (still following?) has a flinter double shotgun for sale (he thinks its a flint) so they are going to look into how much, if its a flinter hard would it be to change over to a caps lock? I...
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    multi-barrels same gun?

    Just a thought I had awhile back, but reading another thread it looks like it could be done after all...I have a cabelas Investarm .54 lefty and would like both a smaller (.45) and perhaps a smothbore (.69?). Can it be done? seems that it shouldn't be to hard to just swap out the barrel with...
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    Please don't shoot me

    but I am going to ask anyway..scopes on blackpowder rifles... I was thinking of putting one on my tc omega to use during rifle season (bp season you can't use a scope) mostly for those early morning/late evening hunts here my old eyes don't work as well. I just have no idea what to look for as...