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    Lock identification

    Trying to identify this lock. Currently a cap lock converted from flint. Anyone recognize what looks like initials WHB?
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    Muzzleloader shops in CT

    I am traveling to Griswold CT and was wondering if there are any muzzleloader shops or unique black powder/rendezvous vendors in the area any would recommend I check out? Thanks
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    Fur Removal - Buckskinning

    Hi All, I have a question about fur removal from a hide. I have read that i need to use slaked lime. Does anyone know where I can get hydrated lime? I went to home depot and in the fertilizer department they have gardening lime. Will that work? I thought it needed to be caustic lime and didn't...
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    Valley Forge Encampment

    12/16/2005 thru 12/18/2005. Reenactors arrive and set up camp friday, rehearsal on saturday and the march into camp on Sunday just as it occurred Dec 18th 1776.
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    Buckskinners Help!!!!

    I just brought home two skins from yesterday's opening season courtesy of my hunting partners. I am leaving for a trip to CA in the AM and will not be back until Friday PM EST. I have the skins, now a day old, in plastic bags outside. What do I have to do to preserve them until I can properly...
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    Rev War style cartridge roll

    Can someone please describe the process for making a paper cartridge roll and proper loading procedures using that cartridge for my new Bess? I have the book The revolutionary Soldier and I see how they have depicted it to be done, but they not show any wadding being used. I assumed that was a...
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    New Brown Bess

    I just picked up a new Pedersoli Brown Bess (.75 Cal). I definately needed a smoothbore because of the hunting areas I live in require shotgun or smoothbore BP only. Since I am completely traditional I needed the smoothbore. Took a trip to Dixon's today. I looked at two TVM Fowlers and a custom...
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    Turner Kirklund - Does anyone know?

    Does anyone know what this may be worth, Sorry no pic Turner Kirkland modern flintlock Pennsylvania long rifle. Cal. 45. 40" bbl. SN none visible. Unfinished barrel with tiger maple stock. Good I am going to an auction tomorrow and have my sights on this.
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    Hand Made Capote (2)

    well I did some more research and found the following articles that may help someone else in trying to design a 1790-1840 PC capot. Here are the links: After reading these articles I had no idea how many...
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    Hand Made Capote

    What do you guys think? I made this last weekend;
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    New TVM/Rifle Collection

    Here are the rif's I've started this collection with. I will eventually make my own which will be on the top.
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    Set trigger order

    Is the set trigger order configurable? On my Hawken and Lyman GPR the front trigger is the set and rear is the firing. On my TMA rifle and traditions pistol the rear trigger is set and front is release. I don't think it is a huge deal, I just have to know what rifle I am grabbing before I go...
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    Indian Tribes

    What Indian tribe do you think was the: 1. Toughest - maintained ethics and were just plain tough 2. Meanest - a bit unethical and fierce 3. If you were trekking, the tribe to be most feared if you came across I know my definitions of tough and mean are vague. In the east I think the tribes...
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    Modern Day Mtn-Man

    Has anyone on the forum given up the daily life and put his skills to the test? I mean really gave it all up and headed for the high country. Quit his/her job, sold the house, etc? I am interested in hearing folk's stories of things they learned, things they loved, things they miss, why they...
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    Modern Day Mtn-Man

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    Wrought Iron Ramrod

    Are there any blacksmiths in the house that can make me a wrought iron ramrod?
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    Movie for this era

    Just saw a movie on the Hallmark Channel called dead man walking parts 1 & 2. About the Santa Fe Expedition. Not bad, today's actors. Just passing it along as an FYI.
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    Books Needed!!!

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in donating some books? First, I would like to read them to get up to speed with most everyone on this forum. Then I can either return them to the owner or if it is ok I would share them with others on this forum or donate them to my gun club...
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    Poorboy style Flintlock

    I had a question about the poorboy style ml. I've spoken to many people who have said that nose caps, patch boxes, side plates, and toe/butt plates were mostly dress up items that were often found on the higher end rifles, and that these dressed up rifles made up about 2% of the overall rifles...
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    Does any one have a pic

    Of a TVM Early Lancaster? I want to compare it to the ones from the TVM (Avance) website and one that I looked at recently. I did a google image search but got nothing. Thanks