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    Wood Grip Finish On Colts

    I have an 1848 Whitneyville/Hartford Uberti that I want to look like the originals. I am taking the bluing off the cylinder,but what did the stocks look like? Thanks.
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    Civil War Greatcoat

    Who makes the bast Civil War Greatcoat for the money? It seems all of the sutlers get them from the same place. Who is this? I just want an awesome winter coat.I want the cavalry version. Thanks!!
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    Pietta Confederate Navy Sheriff .44

    I went to Cabals today to buy an 1860 Army.And I bought it. In the display case they had the Sheriff. What I was surprised to see was a round barrel and no engraving on the cylinder. Its Pietta model number CFS44. It was on sale for 119.95. I surfed the Internet,and cant find anything on it.Sure...
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    Trapper Loads

    I have a Tradtions Trapper cap lock.What are you using for loads? Target and hunting. Thanks!!