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  1. Critter Getter

    Factory built vs kit build value

    Value wise the kit guns from TC don’t normally bring quite the money that the factory guns do. There may or may not be a difference in quality as that is mostly determined by the assembler. Two of the major considerations to me when determining what i consider the quality of a gun is accuracy...
  2. Critter Getter

    My Kibler SMR is shipping

    When did Jim start rifling his own barrels? I thought he was using Rice barrels. Greg
  3. Critter Getter

    Good price for a Pedersoli?

    I would think $600 would not be out of line. Greg
  4. Critter Getter

    Shooting my Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle

    After watching that first video I am impressed with how fast that ignition is!! Nice! Greg
  5. Critter Getter

    Richland Arms "michigan"

    I have shot many deer with any of my .45’s. Round ball, maxi ball, or maxi hunter. Hit them in the vitals and they work as well as my .50’s. I use 60-80 grains of fff depending on the rifle and the projectile being used. Greg
  6. Critter Getter


    Asking price and buying price can sometimes vary greatly............greg
  7. Critter Getter

    SOLD Pedersoli Flintlock Frontier Rifle .50 Cal

    I see this one appears to have a blued barrel. My Blue Ridge has a blues barrel and my Frontier has a brown barrel. Yes, besides that they are built the same. I was just curious as this is advertised as a Frontier. Greg
  8. Critter Getter

    SOLD Pedersoli Flintlock Frontier Rifle .50 Cal

    Is that a Blue Ridge by Pedersoli? Greg
  9. Critter Getter

    Percussion or Flintlock?

    I guess I shot percussion guns for 35+ years and then decided to try a flintlock. I enjoy shooting both but the flint is just more challenging and for me......more fun. Greg
  10. Critter Getter

    Hatfield 50... should I buy it?

  11. Critter Getter

    Hatfield 50... should I buy it?

    I own two early Hatfield percussion guns. Also own a Pedersoli flintlock as well as a percussion. I will agree there is very little historically correct about them but if that doesn’t matter to you, The Hatfields that I own are two of my favorite black powder guns for one simple...
  12. Critter Getter


    I would guess I have 2000-2500 but I bought them slowly over time after the last shortage. Now I shoot more flintlocks than percussion so guessing at 62 years of age I might be set for the rest of my life. I have seen panic buying and hoarding over the years but this is maybe the most crazed I...
  13. Critter Getter

    Scammers on Face book groups

    I belong to some flyfishing groups on FB and that sounds like the same scammers that visit those pages as well. Scammers know no boundaries! Greg
  14. Critter Getter

    Richland Arms .54

    Yes your line of thinking is good. Should be able to start there and find an acceptable load. Should be a good deer sized thumper! Greg 😀
  15. Critter Getter

    Richland Arms .54

    I have a .50 Richland Arms. Mine was made by Investarms ( the same company that made Lyman for many years ). I don’t know for sure but think they are one in 48” twist. I would guess if you found a Hawken style stock for a Lyman or those produced for Cabela’s/Bass Pro that they would work with...
  16. Critter Getter

    .45 T/C Seneca with QLA

    I had a .50 Hawken with QLA........shot terrible and I solved my problem by getting rid of the rifle. Only TC I ever owned that was a poor shooter. Never seen or heard of a Seneca with QLA.........Greg
  17. Critter Getter

    Caps For Sale?

    I see where a local store has CCI for $9/tin and I passed them as I think even that is too much.........but then I am a traditional cheapskate!! Greg 😀
  18. Critter Getter

    What's the one muzzleloader you regret parting with most?

    I put together my second muzzleloader, a .45 TC Cherokee kit. Spent 40 hours on that little rifle. Shot a couple of deer and maybe a coyote with it and then sold it to my best friend cheap just so he would get into black powder. That was back in the 1980’s. He shot it for awhile and then went...
  19. Critter Getter

    WANTED 54 caliber flint lock

    Do you have a budget on this purchase? Greg
  20. Critter Getter

    Covered Wooden Bridge

    I believe that burning covered bridges has been a thing for many years but for the life of me I don’t know why. Greg