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    TC Big Boar!

    My CVA 58 likes the exact same load.
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    Hog hunting in Alabama

    Good to know, thank you so much Eric. Even though they want them gone so bad they won't let you hunt them in the off season.
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    Hog hunting in Alabama

    Can they be hunted year round with any weapon? I did bring my 2 45 calibers with me, one flinter and one percussion.
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    Hog hunting in Alabama

    I recently have taken a job in Alabama and have left the wilds of West Virginia behind for a while. I have been researching the local hog population in Alabama and haven't really turned up much. I am in Shelby county around the town of Alabaster. Anyone have any words of wisdom to offer or need...
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    Traditions 12ga

    I can tell you guys that the stock is comfortable. The lock is surprisingly crisp too, mostly Traditions' locks seem to be mushy and sloppy. This one is very surprising. Now if I can find some shot I would love to try and turkey hunt with this thing.
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    Traditions 12ga

    Most certainly will Pappy.
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    My newer rifle

    I would Dan but I have taken a job in Alabama and start April 6th down there.
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    Traditions 12ga

    Just got one of these off of Gunbroker. Also known as an Ardesa Fowler in some other countries. It appears to be unfired. I guess now I need to put together a bag and all the fixin's for it. This is it beside it's also new little brother a CVA Varmit in 32.
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    My newer rifle

    This rifle was acquired in a trade with the builder, Kevin DeBarr. The builder is a WV native from the Buckhannon area. The stock is a piece of WV maple, the barrel is a 42" MacIntyre barrel 45 caliber made here in WV too, the lock is a large Siler.
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    turkey calls

    Definately a diaphram call.
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    Tickled with my NSW and PRB

    Very fine shooting piece you have there!
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    New (to me) CVA Mountain Rifle!

    My wife got me a MR last year as a birthday and anniversary present. Mine is a 58 with a beautiful birdseye maple stock. The barrel is absolutely flawless. It shoots as good as it looks too. I guess I am one of the lucky ones because the stock ergonomics actually fit me. Best of luck with yours...
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    Bare Ball In A Smoothie ?

    Has anyone tried a leather wad with a round ball?
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    12ga or 56SB?

    Ah yeah I have hunted over that way some! I know and respect the information provided on this forum, that why I ask questions here first. I think I am going to go with the 12ga though. I feel that I will actually get more use out of the 12ga.
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    12ga or 56SB?

    That's what I am leaning toward. I would like to turkey hunt with it too. Of course in WV I can turkey hunt with a rifle so that is another option.
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    12ga or 56SB?

    So I have a chance to purchase either a 12ga or a T/C 56SB. Of course the 12ga is extremely versatile, but so is the 56. Of course the T/C could have another barrel of a different caliber purchased later on which kind of pulls me that way. What are some of your thoughts?
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    I want to make a pair of shooting sticks

    I made a set from regular old hardware store wood dowels. I used regular craft dept. leather thong to lash them together and went up the ends where the rifle sits, sharpened the ends to a point with a pocket knife, stained them and applied a coat of Truoil. Very lite, easy to carry, and great to...
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    CVA Mountain Rifle

    The Mountain Rifles really are gems. They are still putting tasty venison on the table and poking tiny holes in paper even after all these years. That is if you can find one that was taken care of. I have a .58 that is a wonderful shooter with 90grs, pillow ticking patch, 50/50 olive oil and...
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    Need help in determining market value on Swedish M/1815 Flintlock

    2.214,77 EUR according to this site: From my figgerin that's about $1942.78 USD? Looks to also be about .73" caliber from a quick Googling. Definately an interesting firearm! I'd shoot it!
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    Prickett's Fort WV 18th c. Firearms Show

    I will be there Saturday, I hope to find a shooting bag and a powder horn.